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Signing up

Let’s get the ball rolling...

You’re on the cusp of joining thousands of freelancers, contractors, and micro-business owners who have revolutionised the way they handle their business finances. They have the freedom they need to focus on succeeding in business – and now it’s time for you to become one of them.

Signing up is done over the phone in two parts. One call with your Advisor as an introduction and to start the registration process; and a second with your Client Manager to chat about your company so we can determine exactly what you need from our service and how we can help.


The first call

It’s all in the details

Before you buy a pair of jeans, you need to ensure they’re a good fit. We believe accounting is no different. In the first call, your Advisor will introduce you to our service and see if what we can offer you is right for your needs.

If all is well and you wish to go ahead, then you’ll firstly need to supply us with the following information and ID so we can run anti money laundering checks (required under current Government regulations) on yourself, and any other directors or shareholders involved with your business. If you haven’t started your business yet then just send us this information for the directors and shareholders you plan to start the company with.

You’ll also need to read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This should all be very straightforward and take about 10 minutes- just ensure you have all the information you need before the call. Or you can save time and email the information to your Advisor beforehand.

Crunch Umbrella advisor talking to contractor