How we helped Pedro...

Crunch helps me enjoy life as a freelance web developer

  • I can trust the advice I receive
  • My repetitive tasks are now automated
  • A load is taken off my shoulders

Flexible lifestyle

Pedro works as a freelance web developer, specialising in animation and interaction. His work is varied, spanning individual projects run from his own office to applying his knowledge and expertise when joining up with established teams in client offices. What he appreciates most is the sheer flexibility in his work. With no fixed indefinite contracts in place, he can balance his day job with his many other responsibilities.

Building trust

When he joined Crunch, Pedro instantly felt a load was taken off his shoulders. He had people he could contact about accounting, tax and other aspects of his business and, crucially, he soon realised he could trust the service. Pedro also appreciated the little things, such as the repetitive tasks that were automated by our online accounting software, allowing him to spend time on other, more important tasks.

Growing business

Pedro has his accounting taken care of, but he also has access to a wide range of other Crunch products and services. From business insurance to setting up a pension, right through to arranging a great deal on a self-employed mortgage, Pedro knows we’re on his side.

Pedro Tavares

Obscura Limited

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