How we helped Juliette

Crunch helps me enjoy life as a sole trader

  • I can organise my finances efficiently
  • I get quick responses to my questions
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive software

Build your business around you

Juliette is a career change coach and works with people looking to set up their own businesses or change the course of their career. Her own journey into self-employment is very similar to her clients- after years of working in advertising, Juliette wanted a better work-life balance and sought the help of another career change coach, which led her directly to her own business.

Plain English accounting

Like many of our clients, Juliette didn’t know much about accounting or filing and needed a service that helped her understand so she could take control of her own finances. We speak plain English and don’t confuse you with jargon. Juliette also appreciated how intuitive our online accounting software is, making it really easy-to-use.

Quick answers

Juliette is always able to get hold of an accountant when she needs extra help, but she also has access to a whole range of other services, open to sole traders just like her. We can secure you the perfect mortgage, insure your business, and organise investments and pensions. We’re passionate about helping sole traders like Juliette reach their goals.

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