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Change is happening

The world has come a long way from the rigid gender norms of the past.

As we take dynamic strides towards true equality, more and more women are claiming their place in the world of business. Yet there are still significant gender pay gaps and male-dominated corporate cultures to contend with. Change is happening, but it’s a process.

The micro-business arena is now more important than ever. It’s a place where people aren’t defined by their gender, but by what they do. Where you don’t have to answer to internal politics. Where you can take every ounce of credit for what you achieve.

We’re flying the banner high and proud to support women in business, inspiring with success stories and providing expert business advice.

True equality in work and business is within our grasp. Let’s reach out and take it!


Crunch survey on women in business

A key finding from our research with OnePoll was that nearly 40% of women polled stated that they were considering starting their own business based on the recent success of female leaders, such as Theresa May.
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Why I loathe the label 'mumpreneur'

Melissa McClements on the connotations of the increasingly popular term ‘mumpreneur’, and why she thinks it belittles hard-working women.
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Who inspired you?

At a recent networking event, we asked people who inspired them to start their own business.
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Shoreham pottery

Alice Maplesden, Shoreham Pottery

“I love that we can make the business what we want it to be. Everything comes down to you – no excuses!”
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Suzanne Rose, freelance copywriter

“I love working in my own time. If I’m tired or have social plans, or one of my kids is unwell, I know I can always catch up the following day or evening.”
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Woman working at desk

Five inspiring women in business

The number of female entrepreneurs has increased by 9.6% over the last couple of years compared with a 3.3% rise for men. In honour of all female freelancers, here are five British women who led the charge.
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Chalk laptop kids

Trials of being a freelancing mum

Hannah Martin describes the ups and downs of being a freelancer with kids, and how it prompted her to start Talented Ladies Club – a website to help other freelance mums.
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Why more women than ever are starting their own businesses

Just a third of people starting a new business with us are female – although that number is growing. Back in 2012 the figure was slightly more than a fifth.
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