Crunch family

How Crunch was born

In the summer of 2007, veteran accountant Steve Crouch was toying with the idea of an online accounting system built with modern cloud software, designed specifically for freelancers and contractors. After meeting entrepreneur Darren Fell, who had himself suffered at the hands of expensive traditional accountants, the foundations for Crunch were laid.
Together they realised that through intelligent use of software much of the expense and uncertainty of traditional accounting could be avoided. Real-time tax liability calculations, transparent reporting and an on-call human team could all be delivered for a flat monthly fee. Crunch launched in the spring of 2009, and just 4 years later, with over £1 million in total investment, passed 4,000 clients to become the fastest growing accountancy firm in the UK.

Michael Van Swaaij, Crunch Chairman

A technology sector stalwart, Michael has held management positions at some of the world’s largest digital firms, including AOL, eBay and PayPal. This culminated in Michael being named CEO of Skype in 2007 and Chairman in 2008, before his departure at the end of 2009. Michael provides top-level guidance to the Crunch board, as well as invaluable mentorship to our management team.

Darren Fell, co-founder and Managing Director

Bored after 14 years in the telecoms industry, Darren founded email marketing company Pure360 in 2001. Pure360 successfully scaled and became one of the top three specialist digital marketing firms in the UK. In 2007, having suffered at the hands of traditional accountants, Darren turned his attention to the world of online accounting, and Crunch was the result.


Steve Crouch, co-founder and Financial Director

Steve is a 30-year veteran of the tax and accounting sector, having spent many years working within HMRC before eventually setting up his own firm in 1991, and co-founding Crunch in 2007. Steve is the brains behind the Crunch accounting software, and leads our team of expert accountants, providing a wealth of guidance and insight attained through his many years in practice.

Paul Birch, Crunch Investor

Paul co-founded giant social network Bebo, which he and his brother sold to AOL for $850 million in 2008. After suffering at the hands of a traditional accountant during his days IT contracting in the City of London, Paul fell in love with the idea of Crunch. Paul brings his years of experience in the tech sector to the Crunch team, and influences every aspect of our business.

Just a few of our savvy clients

Brilliant, so simple, that’s why I need you! All done now.

Annemarie Beijl – MKMU Ltd

Old accountant would take up to a week to answer questions. @teamcrunch answered 2 sets of questions in under an hour.

James Pearson – Thinking In Code

Always blown away by the service and features of @teamcrunch – if they continue to improve at this rate, my accounts will do themselves

Robert Morrissey – Deeply Ltd

This whole process has been so painless – I’m impressed!

Tamsin Allen – Creative & Art Direction Ltd
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