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Amanda Foncette

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Crunch is simplifying self-employment for HR consultant Amanda Foncette

Amanda Foncette
Enid HR
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HR consultancy
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October 1, 2018

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Becoming self-employed was something Amanda Foncette had always wanted to do, but it wasn’t until she was offered a project contract that she realised the time had finally come.

“Enid HR started in 2018 when I was offered a project contract through a friend,” Amanda explains. “He said that I would need to set up my own company and I thought ‘why did I wait for someone to say that when this is EXACTLY what I want to do?!’” Crunch was there to help Amanda begin her new career.

“Crunch helped me set up my business, and the software allows me to issue invoices that I would have never been able to sort out myself, and has great reminders for when things are due!”

Crunch has helped Amanda simplify the world of self-employment - something that Amanda appreciates above all else.

“Crunch is EASY! The team of client managers (who sometimes get frantic calls from me) are very supportive and I simply don’t need to worry about when things need to be actioned”, she said. “The system is very simple and I like the fact that all the dates I need to remember are shown in my Crunch software dashboard for easy reference.”

“If you have the time, then make sure everything is in place to have a fantastic launch. Not everything has to be set up right away!”

Amanda’s advice for new starters? Take your time, and make your life as simple as you can, even if that means dipping into your pocket!

“Understand that you will have to spend money to make money,” she said. “Invest in making it easier for yourself to concentrate on your work.”

If you’re looking for ways to simplify self-employment, why not check out our Crunch accountancy packages?