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Free Invoice Templates UK

Save time on invoicing with our free invoice templates

There are two free and easy ways to invoice. Simply download and customise any invoice template below. Or, if you want to make invoicing faster and more automated sign up for free

How to make an invoice template

After downloading your free invoice template from Crunch, create a master version with your business details. Duplicate it for new clients or reuse for repeat clients to save time. Once finished, save as a PDF, send to your client, and note the send date. Alternatively, automate the process with Crunch Free.

When to send your invoice

For smaller freelance jobs under £500, consider invoicing upon completion. For longer contracts, weekly or monthly invoicing might be better. It's essential to find a schedule that suits your needs, and if necessary, discuss upfront or partial payments with your clients before invoicing.

What to include on your invoice template

Invoicing is an essential part of running your business. An invoice is a legally-binding request for payment – so it needs to include certain information to be valid in the UK. But for budding businesses, invoices are also an opportunity to keep your clients sweet in the hope of future work (more on that in a second).

Here are a few details that can stay the same across all your invoices:

  • Your business name
  • Your business address
  • You contact details
  • Your payment details
  • Your payment terms
  • Your full company name as it appears on your certificate of incorporation (for limited companies only)

Here’s what you’ll need to customise for each invoice:

  • A unique invoice number
  • Your customer’s name
  • Your customer’s address
  • A breakdown of the products or services you’re charging them for
  • The cost or rate for each product or service
  • The total amount due

Here are a few extra details you’ll need to include if you’re VAT-registered:

  • Your VAT registration number
  • The net cost of the products or services you’re charging them for
  • The VAT rate of each product or service
  • The subtotal, excluding VAT
  • The total amount of VAT being charged

And finally, here are a few ideas to give your invoices that magic touch for your clients:

  • Say a polite and personalised thank you
  • If you gave them a discount, include it in your invoice to remind them that they’re getting great value with your business
  • Let them know how much you enjoyed the project, but only if you mean it and want more work coming your way

More ways Crunch can help

Free invoice software

Whether you’re a sole trader or a limited company, you can send professional invoices with our free invoicing software, Crunch Free.

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We actively support your business by managing deadlines, advising on tax relief, assisting with registrations, and liaising with HMRC. Our commitment extends beyond tasks, focusing on delivering quality work and proactive accounting advice tailored to your needs.

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