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Crunch provides powerful, easy-to-use free accounting software that offers everything you need for a small business.

Free forever. No hidden fees, no limitations and no trials.

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What's included in the Crunch Free accounting software

Our easy-to-use free accounting software makes it easy to send out invoices and keep track of expenses.

Crunch Free allows you to easily manage your business finances in real time.

Helping you save time and money whether you are a freelancer, sole trader or limited company.


Unlimited Free Invoices

Get paid quickly with Crunch invoicing.

Send invoices seamlessly whenever you want.

Our mobile-friendly application works on any device.

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Super Slick Quotes

Quotations are far more powerful than you imagine. Your customers are much more likely to take your product or services if they receive one.

Get a quote done in a flash, wherever you are on whatever device you have!

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Online Payments

Get paid even faster with our upcoming online payments service. 

Super cost effective for you, unlike many of the competition’s high transaction fee services. Your customers will love the ease of paying you and you’ll love the speed of getting paid!

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Unlimited Free Expenses

Our automated expense recording software will set the correct VAT rate to save you time.

Tired of recording the same expenses every month? Add your subscriptions & regular expenses and forget about them.

Time to maintain your finances in an orderly manner.

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Receipt Scanning

Snap a receipt and automatically record an expense in your Crunch accounting software.

Find the Crunch Snap Receipt Capture app in the Apple App Store or the Android Play store. As well as this, you get your own receipt email address so you can send your own snaps or scan emailed invoices or receipts in seconds.

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Free Open Banking

Open Banking accounting software means that you can securely connect to your business bank account in a matter of seconds.

Let your bank statements flow into your Crunch account automatically, and all for free.

We connect directly to most high street banks. Crunch offers a Bank Statement Upload should your bank not be connected yet.

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Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation sounds intense doesn’t it? Not so with Crunch Free, which makes reconciliation a breeze. 

To be uber organised, you can use our accounting and bookkeeping software to reconcile every month or do it quarterly. Once you have, you’ll feel fantastic and you’ll be able to see your business clearly - 100% accurate!

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CSV Statement Upload

Don’t worry if we don’t link with your bank yet – you’ll still be able to upload your statements into your Crunch account through our easy Bank (CSV) Statement Uploads.

With our free accounting software for small businesses, you can upload CSV files from any major UK bank you like.

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Tax & VAT

Self Assessment Filing

Do you need to file a Self Assessment tax return for HMRC?

This is where Crunch’s unique software and service model shows it’s brilliance: for a simple one-off fee, our expert Chartered Certified Accountants will prepare your tax return, make sure you’re paying the right amount of tax, and automatically file your return once you’ve signed it off.

Crunch Self Assessment is included in our Crunch Sole Trader Pro, Limited Company Premium, and Small Business packages.

You can add your Self Assessment for only £95+VAT when you have a Crunch Free subscription.

Find out more about Crunch Self Assessments.

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VAT Submission

Add-on £3.75+VAT per month

Our VAT add-on option can simplify your returns with automatic calculations, and keep you compliant with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital legislation.

Crunch Free software will automatically include VAT in all relevant invoices, whether you are on a Flat Rate or Standard Rate.

All VAT-registered businesses can file their VAT returns each quarter through our free accounting software for a monthly fee of £3.75 plus VAT.

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Ask An Accountant

Book a call with our one Chartered Certified Accountants and get your questions answered.

Whether they be about the complexities of tax, or simply how to pay yourself in the most tax-efficient manner, we’ve got you covered. You’ll get a detailed report afterwards with all that you’ve discussed.

It’s only £39.50+VAT one off and you’ll get this refunded in 30 days if you upgrade to Pro, Premium or Small Business.

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Crunch Chorus Community

Our Crunch Chorus Community Forum members share their expertise and many are happy to answer any questions that you cannot find the answer to in our dedicated Crunch Free Help Centre.

If you are able to help others by sharing your experiences and offering advice then feel free to join our Crunch Chorus Community.

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Easily connect your Crunch account to a range of helpful business-boosting tools from our trusted collaborators.

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Financial forecasting, reporting for cash flow, business planning and budgeting for your business. Get the free plan with all Crunch subscriptions.

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Create your own online store for your business with Shopify. Available for all Crunch Limited Company, Sole Trader and Free clients

Coming soon -
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Accept payments, send payouts, and manage your business online. Free for all Crunch paid subscription users.

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Compare Crunch with the competition

We have secured the best deal for you

No one else provides a completely free-of-charge platform like Crunch.

Our competitors do offer a free short-term trial before a monthly fee is required to use their software as well as find and pay for a separate accountant.

Crunch Free accounting software for the self-employed will forever equip professionals for free. Support from real accountants we’re a simple, affordable upgrade away.

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Monthly cost +VAT

The monthly price you’ll pay +VAT.

Free forever
Saving with Crunch Free

The price you’ll save with Crunch Free compared to other software businesses.

For Sole Trader

Is this subscription suitable for a sole trader?

For Limited Companies

Is this subscription suitable for a limited company?

Unlimited phone

Unlimited support via phone calls.

Unlimited Email / Cases

Unlimited support via email.

Community forum
Ask an accountant service

Unlimited support from Chartered Certified Accountants at your fingertips.

£39.50 plus VAT
Create and issue invoices

Create and send unlimited custom invoices in seconds.

£4.99pm plus VAT
Online Payment
Coming soon

Create quotes and convert into an invoice in a few clicks.

Record Expenses

Keep track of all your expenses all in one place.

5 per month?
Scan Receipts

Record expenses instantly with a photo.

Dedicated Mileage App

Keep track of business mileage on the go.

Bank Feeds

Automate your bank statements.

CSV Statement Upload

Save time by importing your statements in CSV format.

Bank Reconciliation

Import your statements to reconcile transactions.

VAT Submission

Submit your VAT return to HMRC with Making Tax Digital in our software.

£3.75pm plus VAT
Self Assessment Filing

Take the stress out of your personal tax return.

£95 plus VAT*
*  Crunch provides Software and Service, which is checked and filed by an accountant
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It just adds up

We figure that Crunch is unique within the UK accountancy software market.

We built Crunch Free to help professionals grow their business, without the high costs of accounting software and accountancy fees. We deliver features and functions to allow you to take maximum control of your business finances.

No one else caters for the UK market like Crunch Free

Crunch is the only online UK accounting company with a free accounting software app
Crunch delivers many features and functions that our rivals cannot provide
Only Crunch offers free UK accounting software for Limited and Small Businesses
We are unique in the UK by supplying qualified accountants in-house

Count on Crunch for free software

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Frequently asked questions about Crunch's accounting software

What is online accounting software?


Online accounting software allows small business owners, sole traders, and limited company directors to manage their business finances in a secure and organised online system. Through online accounting software, you can track and automate your invoices and expenses, check your finances anytime, anywhere, and even file your tax returns.

How does online accounting software work?


It’s simpler than you might think! Once you’ve signed up to one of Crunch’s software packages, you’ll be able to log into your account. From there, you can set up your company’s basic information, recurring invoices and expenses, connect your business bank account through a secure Open Banking feed, and much, much more. 

If you ever need any assistance with your accounting software, you can visit our handy Help Centre for all the guides and support you need, or if you’re on a paid package (such as Pro or Premium), you can call or email your team of Chartered Certified Accountants for help.

Why should I use online accounting software?


Online accounting software can dramatically improve your organisation and simplify your tax responsibilities. Through handy add-ons like our Snap app, for example, you can streamline the process even further by simply taking a picture of your receipts and uploading them directly to your account. 

Thanks to the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) scheme, you’re also legally required to file certain tax returns via online accounting software. This currently applies to returns such as VAT, but will soon extend to Income Tax, Corporation Tax, and potentially more.

How many businesses use online accounting software in the UK?


It’s hard to know for sure how many businesses in the UK are using online accounting software, but here’s what we do know: here at Crunch, we have an active client base of over 10,000 small business owners on our paid Crunch packages, and thousands more on our forever-free Crunch Free package.

As we’ve mentioned, though, every business will need to use online accounting software as more tax returns become subject to MTD regulations.

How do I use online accounting software?


When it comes to online accounting software, the golden rule is that you get out what you put in. Online software can help you stay organised and file your tax returns earlier and more accurately than ever, but if you don’t update it frequently, you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

Once you’ve signed up to a Crunch account, the best working practice is to carve out time every day or week, depending on your schedule, to update your account with all of your latest expenses and records. The better your record-keeping, the greater the benefits of online accounting software!

What is the best online accounting software for working from home?


Well that depends! All of our packages come with our market-leading online software, so in this instance, it would all boil down to whether you’re a limited company or a sole trader, and how big your operation is.

In this instance, we’d recommend giving our friendly expert advisors a call and discussing your circumstances further. They’ll help you decide which package is the most appropriate for your business.

What is the best online accounting software for personal use?


If you’ve not yet officially gone self-employed, or if you’re comfortable using accounting software and managing your own finances, Crunch Free is the perfect package for you. As the name suggests, the software is completely free, allowing you to record all of your invoices, expenses, and more!

What’s the best online accounting software for a sole trader?


As a sole trader, we would recommend our Crunch Sole Trader Pro package. For just £24.50+VAT a month, you get access to not only our market-leading online accounting software, but also to your own team of expert client managers and Chartered Certified Accountants, available whenever you need.

What is the best online accounting software for a small business?


If you’re a small business owner, or the director of your own limited company, we would recommend either our Limited Company Pro, Limited Company Premium, or Small Business packages. Which of these packages is right for your business will depend on factors such as your annual turnover, how many employees you have etc. 

In this instance, we’d recommend giving our friendly advisors a call, who will be happy to help you decide which package is right for you.

How many types of accounting software are there?


At Crunch, we offer five different types of online accounting software packages: Crunch Free, Sole Trader Pro, Limited Company Pro, Limited Company Premium, and Small Business. Each of these packages are designed to support businesses as they grow and take on new responsibilities, each tailored to maximise the tax-efficiency of your business at each stage of its development.

What factors should I consider when purchasing online accounting software?


It’s true that not all online accounting software is created equally. Many of our competitors will lock fundamentally important parts of their software behind paywalls, or restrict your usage (i.e. limiting you to a certain number of expenses per day/month etc.).

When considering which online accounting software package you’d like to use, you need to be sure that everything you need is covered in your package. With Crunch Free, for instance, you get all of the basics, fundamental necessities of good online accounting software, such as expenses, invoices, and Open Banking. If you’re ever in doubt as to which package is right for you, don’t hesitate to call our wonderful advisors, who’ll be happy to help you better understand which of our packages meets your needs.

How safe is online accounting software?


As safe as houses! Information you store on your computer in files and spreadsheets can be attacked by viruses or lost due to technical failures, or even simple mismanagement and disorganisation - and lets not even go into all the things that could go wrong if you still keep your receipts in a ratty old shoebox.

We use encrypted connections to reliably and securely store your data within our cloud accounting software, which not only gives you the peace of mind that your data is safe at all times, but also allows you to create reliable backups.

Are there any disadvantages of online accounting software?


None whatsoever! Online accounting software allows you to manage your finances on the go, anytime, anywhere, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure. You can automate certain processes to cut down on your admin, connect your bank account straight to your software for swifter reconciliation, and stay compliant with the government’s Making Tax Digital scheme.

What is Cloud accounting software and does it differ from online accounting software?


Cloud accounting software and online accounting are, basically, one and the same. When you’re talking about online accounting software, you’re talking about the software itself and the actions you can perform within it (i.e. recording your expenses, sending invoices etc.). When you’re talking cloud accounting software, you’re referring to data storage and backups.

At Crunch, our online accounting software is also cloud accounting software, so with us, you don’t have to worry!

How much does online accounting software cost?


At Crunch, it can start from the low-low price of absolutely nothing! Crunch Free is exactly what it sounds like - completely free! 

If you need more bespoke support and access to our team of expert client managers, our paid packages start from just £24.50+VAT a month for sole traders, and £75.50+VAT a month for limited companies.

Running a business can be baffling. Crunch are here to help

Crunch boasts over a decade of experience by assisting a plethora of businesses with professional advice and guidance from experts.

Our Knowledge articles, jargon-free business guides, tools and calculators as well as tutorial videos can help answer your questions.

Our free self-employed community, Crunch Chorus, boasts over 71,000 members like you.