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At Crunch, we believe in the power of genuine feedback. Our clients are not just numbers; they're the heartbeat of our business. That's why we've gathered a collection of real reviews from various trusted platforms, showcasing the experiences of our diverse client base.

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We are ACCA Chartered Certified Accountants, meaning you always get the best advice.


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photograph in black and white of Jennifer lee obrien leaning against a wall

Jennifer Lee O’Brien

Writer and Strategist

Member Case Study

Jennifer is thriving as a successful freelance writer

Jennifer transitioned to a freelance writer, overcoming financial admin fears by using Crunch’s software and expert advice. It simplified her taxes and supported her dream of flexible, self-directed work since 2018.

"Crunch was there for me when I was already really overwhelmed about all aspects of being self-employed."

“It wasn’t until I had to Google ‘how to do taxes UK' that I realised how impossible that can feel sometimes. Crunch made things simple and clear.”

Take control of your accounts, today

Crunch’s effective software package includes being able to talk to an expert client manager and a Chartered Certified Accountant. You can count on Crunch to make you productive and profitable.