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We’ve created a number of awesome features that bring super powers to your accounting experience - they’re built in - so they’re ready and waiting when you are.

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Crunch integrations

Easily connect your Crunch account to a range of helpful business-boosting tools from our trusted collaborators.

Brixx logo

Coming Soon

Financial forecasting, reporting for cashflow, and budgeting for your business.

Crunch subscribers can plan their business growth with simple forecasting and reporting tools via the Brixx free package included in their subscription.

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Shopify logo

Coming Soon

Start, grow and manage your business. Create your own online store for your business with Shopify.

Available for all Crunch Limited Company, Sole Trader, and Free clients. Keep your Crunch software up to date with Shopify sales.

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Stripe logo

Coming Soon

Accept payments, send payouts, and manage your business online with Stripe.

Connect your Crunch account to your Stripe account. Free for all Crunch paid subscription users. Issue invoices via Crunch and easily pay online with stripe.

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Snap App

An easy way to record your expenses in your Crunch account.

Take a photo of your expense receipt, show how you paid for it and then submit it to Snap to process it. It’s as easy as that. Snap Lite is free to use for all Crunch users.


Use Tripcatcher to track your mileage through a convenient and easy-to-use app.

Log your mileage and all of your entries will be automatically entered into your Crunch account. If you’re VAT registered on the standard rate scheme, Tripcatcher will calculate your VAT on your fuel costs so that you can claim the right amount of expenses.

Open Banking

Import statements directly from your business bank accounts.

Open banking will pull through your transactions from your business bank account to your Crunch account. They're then reconciled, so you won’t miss anything and you’ll waste less time with bank reconciliations. It’s a win-win!

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