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More than just accounting

Elevate your business efficiency with our integrations, designed to save time and money. While some are included in your Crunch plan, others can be added. Explore our integration options to discover their potential for your business.

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We’ve created a number of awesome features that bring super powers to your accounting experience - they’re built in - so they’re ready and waiting when you are.

Integrations - Easily connect to a range of helpful business

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Financial forecasting, reporting for cash flow, business planning and budgeting for your business.

Take a photo of your expense receipt, show how you paid for it and then submit it to Snap to process it. It’s as easy as that. Snap Lite is free to use for all Crunch users.

If you’re VAT registered on the standard rate scheme, Tripcatcher will calculate your VAT on your fuel costs so that you can claim the right amount of expenses.

Open banking will pull through your transactions from your business bank account to your Crunch account.