Download Your Free Blank Invoice invoice

Download Your Free Blank Invoice

Download, customise and send out invoices in minutes using a blank template, or make invoicing for your company even faster with Crunch Free.

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There’s nothing quite like the freedom of being your own boss. With our free invoice templates you can make sure you get paid for all your hard work.

Download a blank invoice template in your preferred format below, then customise the details to make it your own. If you want to save even more time on invoicing, instead you can sign up for Crunch’s free accounting software.

How to use our blank invoice template

If you own a business, you probably spend a lot of time tracking down new clients and pitching for work. If you’re juggling two or three jobs on any given day, invoicing is the last thing you want to be doing.

But what’s the point of winning all that work if you aren’t getting paid for it?

With our blank invoice template, you can download, customise and send invoices to your clients in minutes.

Let’s dive into the details so you know exactly how to set up your invoice template for your business.

Here’s how you can create a master invoice template in three quick steps:

Download our invoice template in your preferred format
Open it and edit the sections about your business (see below)
Save a master copy to your desktop or cloud drive

Duplicate your master invoice to create and send new invoices

Now that your master invoice is set up, it’s time to start sending it out to your clients so you can get yourself paid.

Here’s how you can duplicate and send new invoices in five easy steps:

Download our invoice template in your preferred format
Open it and edit the sections about your business (see below)
Save a master copy to your desktop or cloud drive

Here’s everything you’ll need to edit for each invoice:

  • A unique invoice number
  • Your customer’s name
  • Your customer’s address
  • A breakdown of the products or services you’re charging them for
  • The cost or rate for each product or service
  • The total amount due

If you’re VAT-registered, you’ll also need to include:

  • Your VAT registration number
  • The net cost of the products or services you’re charging them for
  • The VAT rate of each product or service
  • The subtotal, excluding VAT
  • The total amount of VAT being charged

Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQs for quick answers to your questions

Do you need to invoice?

Yes, you need to invoice your customers and clients. This is so you can outline the costs for your products or services and request payment. Without an invoice, your client’s finance department won’t know who to pay, how much to pay or where to send the money.

How do you create an invoice for hours worked?

Crunch offers a range of free invoice templates for hours worked in the UK. If you go for our templates for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you can add custom formulas to your template. So if you or your employees work on a fixed hourly rate, you can work out your pay in seconds and make sure that you’re charging the right amount for your work.

How do you invoice in the UK?

Invoicing is simple. Download one of our invoice templates and customise the details to suit you. You’ll need to include information about your business and your client, plus the products or services you’re charging them for. Then you just need to export a PDF and send it off.

How do you make an invoice?

You can create an invoice by downloading one of our blank invoice templates. Available for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, you’re free to choose the template that suits you and your business. But, if you prefer a pen-and-paper approach, you can go for our printable PDF VAT registered limited company invoice template instead.

What payment terms should you include on an invoice?

It’s common to include payment terms of 30 days on their invoices. This is because most companies take care of payroll on a monthly basis. So even if you complete your work on the first of the month, your client should be able to pay you by the end of that month. If you still haven’t been paid after 30 days, it’s probably time to start asking some questions.

Still have questions?

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