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Lawbite legal services guide

Figure out your small business legal essentials

Get your head around the legal options for small business owners with this simple guide from Lawbite. Learn the differences between different company structures, work out if IR35 affects your business, and find out what legal agreements you need in place before you start working for a client.


Lawbite legal services guide

by Tom West

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What you'll learn

  • The legal differences between a sole trader and a limited company
  • The basics of IR35
  • Paperwork to have in place when you start your business, including:
    • Shareholders’ Agreements
    • Investor Agreements
    • Website Terms and Conditions
    • Software Agreements
    • Employment or Consulting Agreements
    • Contract Partner Agreements
    • Non-disclosure Agreements


  1. Setting up a business: what are the options?
  2. Consultancy and IR35: what you need to know
  3. Starting your business: what not to forget