Legal Support for Self Employed

LawBite in partnership with Crunch is making business law smarter

Fast and affordable expert legal advice dedicated to grow your business. Use this excellent service and get access to lawyers and free legal templates.

Smarter business law

Is your business striving to grow, but facing lots of headwinds from Covid and Brexit? Or, perhaps you need to adapt to new ways of trading as the market economy changes. In these times, high-quality legal advice can make the difference between success and failure.The LawBite platform was designed from the ground up with SMEs in mind. Ensuring they could get expert legal advice, but faster and much cheaper. 

The LawBite difference

Using the latest online tools and advanced data science, our secure platform and app help to remove the complexity and uncertainty when engaging with a lawyer.

Easier to access

Quickly speak to a friendly lawyer through our virtual legal platform.

Clearer to understand

Helpful tools and features simplify the legal process. 

More affordable

We are 50% of the cost of comparable law firms.

Legal support provided by our partner Lawbite

Crunch and LawBite want to make sure you get the right legal support and advice, on your terms. By scheduling a free consultation with their friendly team, you'll be able to find what's best for you with the assurance of an expert lawyer in your corner.

How LawBite works

Crunch customers can now book a free no obligations 15-minute call with a LawBite lawyer and get a quote on all new legal cases.

Free legal advice for Crunch customers

LawBite offers a free Essentials plan that provides businesses with comprehensive legal help and support, including free consultations, discounted advice, templates, tools, and more.