Free bookkeeping software for the self-employed

We’re passionate about empowering Britain’s self-employed, and our easy-to-use free bookkeeping software for limited companies or sole traders makes it easy to send your invoices and keep track of your expenses. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Sign up now to see how it helps you keep on top of your bookkeeping anytime, anywhere. Even better, our Crunch Free software is completely free, so what are you waiting for?

Simplifying self-employment - Crunch Free

We’ve been helping freelancers, contractors, and small businesses manage their finances for over ten years and we know that, when you’re starting a business, your time and money is precious. Our easy-to-use Crunch Free bookkeeping software is just what you need. You can automate reminders and easily see what you’re owed and what you’ve paid out.

No more searching for your receipts and records when you need to file your accounts or your Self Assessment.

Get more organised

Our free online bookkeeping software, Crunch Free, will help get you organised as you start to grow your business. You can easily send professional invoices and keep secure, online records of all your expenses in our easy-to-use cloud software. We’ve even got free Open Banking links to automatically import your business transactions and quickly match and reconcile them.

We’ll help you save time on your bookkeeping with our simple expenses and invoicing tools. You can easily upgrade for advice and support with all your tax filing.

Focus on what you love

No-one wants to be having to sort through bags of receipts or chasing payments. Our free online bookkeeping software makes it easy to keep track of your incomings and outgoings, whether you're a sole trader or a limited company. Send invoices wherever you are, see whether an invoice is outstanding, record a payment, send automated payment reminders, set up recurring expenses, and easily keep track of all your business finances.

You’ll save yourself time which can be spent doing more important things.

Great free bookkeeping software features

It’s here - your Crunch Free bookeeping software!

Now available!

Welcome to a simpler way to manage your sole trader or limited company bookkeeping. Quick, secure, and cloud-based; Crunch Free lets you upload and access your business records whenever you like, wherever you are.

Send your invoices on-the-go

Mobile optimised

Our Crunch Free software is totally mobile friendly and you can use it on any device. Easily personalise your invoices, set up your clients and send an invoice, wherever you are.

Record business expenses in a snap

Free expenses app!

Crunch Free integrates with our Snap app to make uploading expenses as simple as snapping a photo - the app automatically uploads all the details to your Crunch software.

Perfect for sole traders or limited companies

Flexible and upgradeable

Our Crunch Free bookkeeping software is perfect for sole traders or limited companies who want to keep their invoices, expenses, and banking organised. You can easily upgrade for support and advice with filing your taxes.

Easy bank reconciliation

Automatic and secure imports

To see how your business is performing, or file your taxes, you’ll need to ensure that every transaction in your business bank account is reconciled with an invoice or expense. Our easy-to-use Banking section will let you do it all quickly and easily.

Free Open Banking integrations

Get organised

Our free Open Banking integrations will let you automatically import your transactions from your business bank account. As long as your bank is supported, it’s the easiest way to ensure your transactions all appear in your Crunch Free bookkeeping software.

Comprehensive Online Support

Videos and help guides

Crunch Free has a comprehensive online Help Centre, as well as video guides to show you how everything works. It really is so simple to use. If you feel you need more support and expert advice, it’s easy to upgrade to a complete accountancy package.

Record your business mileage

Free mobile app

Our handy Tripcatcher app records your business mileage, calculates what you can claim, and records it directly in your Crunch software.

Ask an Accountant

Expert advice is a click away!

It’s really easy to purchase and book a one-off session with one of our expert Chartered Certified Accountants. Discuss your business finances and discover how to become more tax-efficient. It’s also simple to upgrade to one of our complete accountancy packages that come with unlimited support and advice and all your tax filing taken care of.

Boost your business

Great offers to save more money!

Helpful offers and services to make your life easier. Discover all of our additional offers for your business, including business bank accounts, small business insurance, mortgage advice, IR35 contract reviews, business cards, and much more.

Online bookkeeping support

Spring 2021

If you want help keeping on top of your bookkeeping you’ll be able to purchase blocks of bookkeeping time from our experts, you just need to raise your invoices and record expenses and our expert bookkeepers will reconcile everything for you in your Crunch software.

VAT returns upgrade

Winter 2021

We’ll be adding a VAT bolt-on, so that VAT registered businesses can submit their quarterly VAT returns using their Crunch Free software and meet HMRC’s Making Tax Digital rules (this is already available in our complete accountancy packages).

Even more great features to come in 2021

Looking for complete accountancy support?

We’d love you to use our Crunch Free software to manage your bookkeeping. It’s so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you lived without it! Alternatively, if you want a complete accounting solution including software, service, and expert advice to take care of all your business finances and tax-filing, then take a look at our award-winning online accounting software and service packages.