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We’re passionate about empowering Britain’s self-employed, and our easy-to-use online bookkeeping software - Crunch Zero - makes it so easy to send your invoices and keep track of your expenses that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Sign up now to see how it helps you keep on top of your limited company bookkeeping anytime, anywhere. Even better, Crunch Zero is completely free, so what are you waiting for?

Crunch Zero - empowering Britain’s self-employed

We’ve been helping freelancers, contractors, and small businesses manage their finances for over ten years and we know that when you’re starting a business your time and money is precious. Our free easy-to-use bookkeeping software is just what you need. You can automate reminders and easily see what you’re owed and what you’ve paid out.

No more searching for your receipts and records when you need to file your accounts.

Get more organised

Our online bookkeeping software - Crunch Zero, will help get you organised as you start to grow your limited company. You can easily send professional invoices and keep secure, online records of all your expenses in our easy to use cloud software.

We’ll help you save time on your bookkeeping with our simple expenses and invoicing tools.

Focus on what you love

No-one wants to be having to sort through bags of receipts or chasing payments. Our great value online bookkeeping software makes it easy to keep track of your incomings and outgoings. Send invoices wherever you are, see whether an invoice is outstanding, record a payment and send automated payment reminders. Set up recurring expenses and easily keep track of all your income and outgoings.

You’ll save yourself time which can be spent doing more important things.

Exciting new features are coming soon!

It’s here - Crunch Zero!

June 2020

Welcome to a simpler way to manage your limited company bookkeeping. Quick, secure, cloud-based. Upload and access your business records whenever you like, wherever you are.

Boost your business

Now available!

Helpful offers and services to make your life easier. Discover all of our additional offers for your business, including business bank accounts, small business insurance, mortgage advice, IR35 contract reviews, business cards, and much more.

Export of data

Now available!

Export all the information you’ve uploaded into Crunch Zero so that you can file your company accounts or your personal Self Assessment tax return.

Record your business mileage

Now available!

Our handy Tripcatcher app records your business mileage, calculates what you can claim and records it directly in Crunch Zero.

Integrated apps to make bookkeeping simpler

Summer 2020

Helpful apps to save you time and hassle, all fully integrated with Crunch Zero to make bookkeeping simpler than ever. Crunch Snap makes uploading expenses as simple as snapping a photo - the app automatically uploads all the details to your Crunch Zero software.

Enhanced performance dashboards

Summer 2020

Easier ways to see the performance of your company at a glance.

Expert advice from an accountant

Summer 2020

Our chartered certified accountants are experts on small businesses - you’ll be able to book some time for individual advice and support to help advise on ways you could be more tax-efficient and ensure you understand the best way to manage your business finances.

Bank reconciliation

Autumn 2020

In order to produce your company accounts you’ll need to ensure that every transaction in your business bank account is reconciled with an invoice or expense. Our updated Banking section will let you do it all quickly and easily.

Online bookkeeping support

Autumn 2020

If you want help keeping on top of your bookkeeping you’ll be able to purchase blocks of bookkeeping, you just need to raise your invoices and record expenses and our expert bookkeepers will reconcile everything for you in your Crunch Zero account.

Open Banking

Autumn 2020

Our Open banking upgrade feature will let you automatically import your transactions from your business bank account. As long as your bank is supported it’s the easiest way to ensure your transactions are all in Crunch Zero.

Even more great features to come in 2020/21

Great bookkeeping software for free

We know you'll love Crunch Zero - and best of all, it's free! With Crunch Zero, you'll be up and running in no time, managing your invoices and expenses.