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As a freelancer, contractor or small business owner, professional financial planning helps you plan for the future. We can help you with this, whether that's setting up a personal pension, investing in an ISA, or having a complete review of your finances. Our professional advice supports you and your personal goals.

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  • Make the right financial decisions, tailored to your business needs
  • Benefit from reduced fees compared to traditional financial advisors
  • Take advantage of all tax relief opportunities when investing your money
  • Free consultation

    We take the time to understand your financial circumstances, your small business goals and the type of investments and pensions you are interested in.

  • Financial planning

    Once we understand your situation and goals, we'll provide tailored advice and develop a personalised financial plan that meets your needs.

  • Low fees

    Part of smart financial planning is finding the best deals. We keep all our costs down, allowing you to benefit from some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Why you'll love it...

  • Tax-efficient pensions

    Whether you're a director of a limited company, contractor or sole trader, making regular payments into a self-employed pension is a great way to reduce your tax bill.

    We'll be able to advise on the type of self-employed pension or workplace pension that's best for you and how you should pay for them.

    We can also discuss your retirement income options and, if the time's right, how to start withdrawing money from your pension in the most tax-efficient way.

  • Free consultation

    Looking for long-term financial planning? Want your investments and pensions reviewed? Unsure whether you're using all the tax relief available to you?

    In your free consultation, we take the time to understand your financial circumstances, your priorities, and your goals. We'll then tailor our service to ensure you receive the advice that's best for you.

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We'll help you plan for the future.