Redesigning Crunch software

Software updates

At Crunch, we’re always looking for ways to make our clients' lives even easier. Our software updates are designed to make managing and viewing your finances simple and clear. Check out some of our latest releases and find out what we’ve been working on.

Invoicing and expensing improved for mobile

Released May 2019

We’ve been working on making our expenses and invoicing sections more mobile-friendly. Each section has been improved to make text boxes, drop-downs, displays, and buttons easier to access on a smaller screen.

We focused on making these sections responsive and easy-to-use on smart phones. We’re pleased to have been able to deliver this for our clients as invoices and expenses are two of the most frequently-used areas of the Crunch system.

Open Banking integration (in beta)

Released January 2019

New legislation requires banks to securely share transaction data with third parties (with customer approval).

This feature is currently in private beta with three of our clients’ most popular banks.

With your permission, this means your business bank statements can appear in your Crunch account in near-real-time, ready to be reconciled. No more fiddling with .CSV files or reconciling using the outdated paper method.

Performance charting/insight

Released September 2018

We’re always looking for new ways to present our clients’ accounts clearly and efficiently. That’s why we introduced a new feature devised to run calculations over a client’s data, analyse their accounts and present real-time results in an attractive, user-friendly format.

We used a beta programme to make sure the tool provided clients with the instant, clear and up-to-date insight they require when they’re doing business on the go.

CT600 Auto Generation and Submission

Released April 2018

We’ve written a series of clever algorithms to automate the generation of CT600 tax returns, providing our clients with a slick and reliable service. Upon client approval, the submission is directly sent to HMRC and Companies House for filing.

Automation like this reduces the number of accounting errors sometimes seen in traditional practise, and provides our clients with an efficient, stress-free service.

Bank Rec Improvements

Released February 2018

We’ve simplified the Bank Reconciliation experience by building a matching algorithm, designed to intuitively match bank statement entries to those in our client’s Crunch account.

Some of these helpful changes include the removal of restrictions in reconciliation order, and the ability to order Crunch records based on date or value.

Interested in how we work?

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