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Umbrella company for contractors & freelancers

Not sure which company type to choose?

Looking for a hassle-free umbrella service? We pay you promptly for your work and look after all the tax, National Insurance and admin, leaving you to do what you do best.

We work with dozens of recruitment agencies across the UK, so whether you’re setting up as a new umbrella contractor or freelancer, or looking to switch umbrella company, we’ve got the tools and expertise you need.

For a free phone consultation call us on 0333 311 0800.

    We work with recruitment agencies to offer umbrella payroll

    Our umbrella service is designed to work with agencies. We work with dozens of agencies of all sizes across the UK to help them offer the most efficient umbrella payroll service or limited company accounting for contractors and freelancers. If you want to use our umbrella service, we’ll need an agreement with your agency.

    Put us in touch with your agency today. Or, if you’re an agency find out about how joining our recruiter network will give your clients the best umbrella company at a great price.

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    Benefits of Crunch Umbrella Service

    A tried and tested umbrella company you can rely on

    • Tax and compliance

      We'll make sure all your tax and National Insurance contributions are taken care of, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

    • Prompt payments

      With our weekly and monthly payment schedules, we'll make sure you're paid on time, every time. All you need to do is submit your timesheets.

    • Insurance included

      As a Crunch Umbrella employee, you'll automatically be covered for public liability, employers' liability and professional indemnity.

    • Fully compliant with HMRC

      You’ll be employed by Crunch Umbrella for your contract term. We process all your gross pay through PAYE, removing the risk of tax investigations or unexpected bills - unlike some unscrupulous umbrellas.

    • One single payslip

      We consolidate all your income and give you all your statutory rights & benefits of employment (holiday pay, sick pay, pension etc.) You’ll have the flexibility to work for multiple end-clients.

    • Umbrella limited

      If you work on some assignments ‘inside IR35’ and some ‘outside IR35’ we can help you move seamlessly between the two. Our limited company accountants can help you understand your IR35 options.


    £ 19 .50
    per week

    We'll pay you promptly for your work and look after all the tax and admin, leaving you to do what you do best. You'll get expert help and support whenever you need it.

    What is an umbrella company?

    If you're taking on a short-term contract or just looking to try out the world of contracting, operating through an umbrella company can be an easy option.

    • How does an umbrella service work?

      Our umbrella service for contractors and freelancers is beautifully simple. We work with your agency and clients to take care of all your tax and National Insurance responsibilities. We'll make sure you get paid regularly, leaving you to concentrate on your contracting work. No need for worries about IR35 or keeping on top of complicated tax rules, your time is freed up to concentrate on the work you do.

    • Is umbrella company payroll right for me?

      Not sure about whether to use an umbrella company or work through a limited company? Usually, your agency will let you know which options are available, IR35 rules mean that sometimes the only option is an umbrella company. If you do have the choice of either, our Plus package for limited companies will let you use both. Use our umbrella company calculator to find out what the effect would be on your take-home pay. Speak to one of our advisers if you need help navigating to the best outcome for your business, or you want to find out how IR35 could affect you.

    Hi! I'm Clare, umbrella contractor

    Crunch helps me be more productive

    • I always get paid on time
    • My tax responsibilities are taken care of
    • I can concentrate on contracting

    Our expert umbrella accountants at Crunch

    With a variety of accreditations and different professional backgrounds, our accountants are passionate about helping your business.

    Robert Grant

    Head of Accounting at Crunch

    Dillis Qin

    Accounting Services Manager at Crunch

    Lucinda Watkinson

    Deputy Head of Accounting at Crunch

    Our accreditations

    You can feel safe in the knowledge that we are experts in our field.

    Our accountants have a range of qualifications from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). We’re also an ACCA Accredited Employer.

    Interested in our umbrella company service?

    We can help you from £19.50+VAT a week.
    Call us now on 0333 311 0800 for a free consultation.

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