How to start a business in six easy steps

More people than ever are starting their own businesses, but many are put off because they think working for themselves is complicated. This guide will show you how, with a little groundwork, you can have your own business up and running in a few hours.

We’ll run you through the legal ins and outs of starting a business, explain your options for company structures and how to get registered with HMRC, as well as professional insurance you might want to put in place.

You’ll also learn about branding, how to choose your company name or trading name (and the difference between each), plus you’ll get access to some exclusive discounts from our partners.

Of course a business won’t exist long unless it’s making money, so we’ll also cover the basics of getting paid quickly and easily. From company registration to the end of your first contract, this simple guide will teach you everything you need to know about starting a business.

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