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Written Statements, contracts, and changing terms in your contract, image of senior candidate filling an application


If the change to your contract of employment is forced on you without agreement, you may be able to make a claim at Employment Tribunal.

What is arbitration?


Arbitration is a similar process to litigation, just less formal. Lawbite explains how much it costs, how long it takes and much more.

How to negotiate a contract


Andrew Farrugia from Lawbite explains what you need to consider when signing a new contract.

Eight clauses your freelance contract shouldn’t be without. image of a man using a stamp | Crunch


To avoid a contractual calamity, here are eight must-have clauses for your freelance contract, explained without the jargon.

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In our first article for Locums we looked at the crucial element of employment ‘status’ - how you know what status you have?


We take a look at the pro's and con's of subcontracting and how it can be utilised by freelancers who need a bit more help with projects.

Protect yourself with these contract samples - Crunch - Image of a contract

Laying out the details of the relationship with your client and what is expected from both parties, ensuring you are paid on time and in full.

What are your rights if a client cancels your contract?, image of someone writing at a desk | Crunch

Freelancers and contractors will generally have no legal right to reinstatement if their Client terminates or chooses not to renew their contract.

Cracking the recruiter's code: what they say, and what they actually mean, image of recruiter talking to client | Crunch

Recruiters aren't exactly renowned for their transparency. Decipher the jargon with this guide.

Are notice periods in contractor or freelance contracts a good idea?, image of a person writing | Crunch

We take a closer look at the clauses you should be considering, including Payment terms, kill fees, and substitution clauses.


Partnership agreements protect your self-employed business if things go sour with clients. We explore what the benefits are and what you should do.


A look at four bizarre occasions where not paying due attention to their own small print came back to haunt large businesses.

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