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Crunch Collections recovers client's debts in just three weeks

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    Based in Surrey, Little Yellow Duck is a design agency that works with high-profile companies, including Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard, and Mercedes Benz.

    As with so many other small businesses, the company isn’t immune from those dreaded unpaid invoices. When it found itself being repeatedly ignored by one client in particular, Little Yellow Duck decided enough was enough and turned to Crunch Collections – our specialist debt collection service – to help get the money it was owed.

    The team at Little Yellow Duck explains the story in full:

    “In December 2015, we were invited to present to the board of a manufacturing company, who were looking at taking a number of lifestyle products to market. The meeting went well and within weeks we were working on our first project.

    “We’d carried out our due diligence prior to the meeting and all appeared to be good. We were extremely excited and looking forward to a fruitful and hopefully lucrative relationship.

    “Our first few invoices were paid (albeit not exactly on time), but by May 2016 we hadn’t been paid for four months, despite repeated requests and promises of payment.

    “As matters continued, our emails and telephone calls were no longer being returned. So we considered our options and decided upon the use of a debt collection service to try and resolve matters.

    “We needed a service that was professional and had a track record of dealing successfully with small businesses. It was then that we came across Crunch Collections. After an initial chat, we decided almost instantly to hand matters over to them.

    “They were polite, seemed confident of getting our money, and kept us informed on a regular basis. In just under three weeks, everything was resolved.

    “I certainly hope we don’t have to enlist the services of Crunch Collections again, but if we do we can be assured that we’re dealing with one of the best companies in the business and would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

    Get the money you’re owed

    If you’re suffering a similar burden of overdue invoices, don’t let matters lie.

    With no upfront costs and no fee to pay if we can’t recover your money, you’ve nothing to lose. And as Little Yellow Duck discovered, we don’t hang about. Prices start from only 5% of your invoice value.

    Contact our experts at Crunch Collections today to find out we can help you get the money you’re owed.