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Accountancy automation: How Crunch became head of the pack

Accountancy automation: How Crunch became head of the pack, image of people using their phones | Crunch

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    Accountancy automation is the way of the future: while our competitors only seem to be realising that now, Crunch have been ahead of the curve since day one.

    We’ve built our name off of our award-winning combination of software and service. At Crunch, you get market-leading online accounting software, coupled with the expert support of our brilliant client managers and Chartered Certified Accountants.

    Our software is completely homegrown, which gives us the freedom to develop upgrades and deploy them whenever they’re ready - oftentimes at far greater speed than our competitors!

    It’s not enough just to deploy our automation upgrades faster than anyone else, of course: you have to have the ideas first, and our incredible team of developers are constantly innovating and leading the conversation. Don't believe us? Here’s all the ways Crunch has been leading the accountancy automation revolution!

    Real Time Information (RTI)

    Back in 2013, only a few years into Crunch’s journey, we were already leading the way on accountancy automation! This was the year we introduced automatic payroll filing with HMRC available to our clients, including recurring payroll runs, which saves employers hours of unnecessary work every month.

    Company Tax Returns (CT600)

    In 2017, we provided our clients with the ability to automatically generate and file their Company Tax Returns (CT600) with HMRC, cutting hours of manual work out of our clients’ busy schedules.

    Open Banking

    Two years later, we launched our free automated bank feeds, saving our clients time by periodically importing bank statements ready for that all-important bank reconciliation. No more manual csv uploads!

    Today, our Open Banking feeds are available for nearly all major high-street banks, such as Barclays and Lloyds, as well as the next generation of banks like Tide and Revolut!

    Self Assessment

    Earlier this year, we introduced automation to our Self Assessment tax return service, including a software questionnaire that pulls in figures and calculations from your Crunch account to dramatically speed up the process.

    62% of our Self Assessment tax returns are now generated and filed automatically, with in-app payments provided for clients who don’t have this service built into their plans.

    Confirmation Statement filing

    Coming very soon, our software will provide our clients with the ability to file their confirmation statements (formerly called annual returns) directly with Companies House. It’s a super slick process which will take seconds to complete!

    Plenty more plans are already being hatched amongst our incredible development team for future updates to increase the automation of our software. At Crunch, the innovation never stops, and we’re hugely looking forward to sharing more updates in the near future!

    Isn’t it time you got yourself a modern accountant? One that’s constantly innovating and pushing the envelope? Book a callback with one of our friendly advisors and discover how Crunch can help you simplify self-employment!