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Crunch Coins - What, why, how?

Crunch Coins - What, why, how?

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    With the launch of our exciting Crowdfunding campaign, you may have seen Crunch Coins mentioned amongst the perks. But what are these, and how do they work? We hope to answer all of your questions and more in this quick, helpful article.

    What are Crunch Coins?

    Crunch Coins is a voucher system which can be exchanged for goods and services from a selection of Crunch members and small businesses who agree to participate. These can also be paid towards Crunch products, such as our Pro and Premium accountancy services.

    We wanted to do something a bit different with our Crowdfunding perks, and while there were plenty of options available to us, we decided that it would be best fitting to harness the enormous number of small businesses in our community and deliver some truly memorable, unique and - in many cases - delicious rewards for investing in Crunch!

    We already have several awesome businesses lined up to take part, and will be announcing them very soon. All of these will be promoted across our channels.

    What is the value of a Crunch Coin?

    One Crunch Coin has an equivalent value of £1 when used to purchase products and services from Crunch or our community. 

    The cash value of one Crunch Coin is £0.01 per coin.

    How are Crunch Coins redeemed?

     Currently only investors into Crunch's Seedrs Crowdfund can gain Crunch Coins.

    Firstly, an email is sent to the investor confirming the amount of Crunch Coins they have. When the Investor finds a product or service they’d like to exchange the coins for (via one of the participating sellers, of course!), they will contact the Seller and let them know.

    1. Partner emails Crunch with the name and coins being used. The Seller then contacts to confirm the coin quota with the name of the buyer, and requests payment.
    2. Once this has been confirmed, the seller takes the reduced payment from the Investor, sends an email/invoice to Crunch.
    3. The Seller will then deduct this amount from the bill and present this to the purchaser.
    4. Crunch will ensure prompt payment of a seller's invoice, sending payment via a virtual credit card to the Seller. 
    5. The Seller processes the order, clients payment, and our virtual card.
    6. The Investor will receive an email from Crunch with their remaining balance of Crunch Coins should the full amount not be used.

    So, let's say you want to order £50 worth of chocolate from a participating master chocolatier in the Crunch community (and, honestly, who could blame you?) - if you had £30 worth of Crunch Coins, you could spend them all here and reduce your bill to just £20!

    What can I buy with Crunch Coins?

    We will be telling you about some of the businesses that will be accepting Crunch Coins over the coming weeks, but we’re really excited about our first announcements that we just know you’re going to love!


    Say hello to Chocadyllic, an incredible chocolate architect who you may have seen on TV shows such as Extreme Chocolate Makers (Netflix, Channel 4) or The Wonderful World of Chocolate (Channel 5). 

    Founder Evelyn recently shared her amazing story with us - starting from baking a chocolate cake for a friend (to prove a point that they were better than vanilla sponges!), all the way to running her own business! Now Evelyn produces some of the most jaw-dropping designs out there… and they taste just as incredible as they look!

    While some of the more extravagant Chocadyllic offerings may not be suitable to send by mail (please enquire to avoid disappointment), Evelyn’s Chocolate Shop is open for business, and your Crunch Coins can buy you such delights as hot chocolate bombs, truffle boxes, and even edible DIY tools and iPhones!


    What do you give someone who has everything? Knowledge, that’s what! 

    Learned.Live is an online learning platform that gives users access to expert teachers through live, interactive classes.

    Boost your business (or your general wellbeing!) and explore over 250 courses available from mindfulness to magic, professional development to fitness. Notably, Learned.Live have recently launched a Guide to Freelancing course in partnership with Crunch, tailor-made for the next generation of self-employed workers to help them run their own businesses smoothly and efficiently, with minimum stress.

    Whatever you want to know more about or get better at, there’s probably a class for you at Learned.Live.

    Courses start at £20 per class - email to redeem your Crunch Coins.

    For more information, go to: 

    Fond Company

    Whether it’s greetings cards, coasters, tote bags, tea towels, or just last-minute stocking fillers you’re after, Fond Company offers something for every animal lover. 

    Fond founder Hannah left her full time job in 2015, eager to live a more creative lifestyle, and has since received such honours as the Young Business Woman of the Year at the Kent Women In Business Awards 2020.

    Hannah’s adorable and distinctive illustrations will brighten up any room in your home, and everything she makes is lovingly hand-crafted, and sustainably and ethically produced.

    Email to use your Crunch Coins on any of her stylish products.

    All Silk Recording Studio

    Getting the ideas from your head to come to life is one of the biggest thrills of being a musician, but coughing up for studio time is never on anyone’s list of favourite things to do. Thankfully, accomplished producer Ed Hall is offering gift vouchers for studio time at his gorgeous recording studio based in Lancashire, north west England, where he has recently recorded sessions for MTV UK!

    Take a look at the All Silk website and drop Ed a message if you'd like to spend you Crunch Coins!

    Interested in being part of the Crunch Coins system?

    If you’re a small business that’s interested in this incredible opportunity to be promoted to the almost 70,000 strong Crunch Chorus Community, and in our upcoming marketing comms, please email to register your interest.

    If you want to get your hands on some Crunch Coins, your first port of call at this stage is our new Crowdfunding campaign

    It’s going to get even better as well - we intend to expand the system with exclusive offers, competitions, and small business gift packages in the coming months.