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Oh, Snap! We've got a free receipt scanning app to record expenses!

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    Thousands of our limited company accounting clients use our mobile app, Snap, to claim expenses on the move every month. What could be easier than taking a picture of a receipt with your smartphone and having it automatically recorded in your account?

    It's a Snap

    Simply take a picture of your receipt and Snap will capture all the essential data (including date, price and VAT), then automatically record it as an expense in your Crunch online accountancy software and it's now also available in our Crunch Free Bookkeeping software.

    Once uploaded, the important data (the value of the expense, VAT, name of the supplier etc.) from your receipts will be captured by our team, and will appear in your Crunch account as an expense, with the original image attached for your records within a maximum of 24 hours.

    Snap feeds data through our API, meaning the whole process is as secure as possible and none of your personal data ever leaves your Crunch account.

    You can activate Snap Lite or Unlimited in the Subscriptions tab in the ‘Your Crunch’ area of your Crunch software, and cancel at any time. If you choose an Unlimited subscription, the monthly fee will automatically be added to your monthly Direct Debit.Snap is available for Android and iPhone.

    What do I get from Snap?

    Snap is free for all Crunch limited company accounting clients and allows you to scan and email 15 items per month. It's even free for our Crunch Free sole trader or limited company members!

    Upgrading to Snap Unlimited costs just £3.50 +VAT per month (around half the price of most standalone receipt scanning services). This option allows you to scan and email as many expenses as you like every month!

    Crunch Premium clients are able to use Snap Unlimited as part of their package.

    But I don't have a smartphone!

    Don't worry, - you can still use Snap. All you have to do is attach an image of your receipt to an email and send it to a special email address from the email account you sign into Crunch with. This method of submission will work as soon as you receive your activation email.

    As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch with your Crunch account manager.