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Recommend a Friend's Business - September 2021

Father and son at a bakery - small business recommendations | Crunch

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    Nothing beats word-of-mouth for building a great business reputation. With the launch of the Crunch Chorus Community Forum, we wanted to utilise our new platform to celebrate the small businesses across the UK who are putting smiles on faces with their great service.

    We asked the community to tip us off on their friends and families businesses, or simply ones that they thought deserved special recognition.

    Each month we’ll be updating this article with some of the latest exciting offerings highlighted in the ‘Recommend a Business’ thread. Here’s the September 2021 edition:

    House of Peluca

    Area of Business: Drag costume supplies


    Forum user recommended by: Olivia

    “Your one-stop-shop for all your drag needs!” - London-based Drag Artists Bella B'dell & Kindha Buena started House of Peluca during the pandemic, offering a wide selection of cosmetics, eyelashes, and custom wigs.

    Olivia: “Looking for a new drag supplies store, in the market for a fabulous custom made wig? Look no further! House of Peluca run by my amazing drag parents Is the place for you! Amazing high quality products at great prices, what more could you wish for?!”

    The Helbrows: Foodie Folk

    Area of Business: Chutneys, jams and cakes


    Forum user recommended by: Tim

    Another lockdown-project-turned business, these keen foodies have been making a selection of delicious chutneys, jams and cakes for family and friends for several years - and have now expanded to selling to the public.

    Altered Image

    Area of Business: Alterations / Tailor


    Forum user recommended by: Katie

    Elaine is Worthing-based alterations tailor with 35+ years of experience, specialising in wedding and evening wear. If you’re in the area, she’ll do any kind of alterations you might need, no matter how small a job 

    Katie: “Shout out for my lovely and super talented mum who runs Altered Image. She has a lovely little shop down in Worthing town centre so go visit her if you need anything. Bonus - you'll get to meet her dog Tilly who's always in the shop with her (plus you’ll probably get to meet her gorgeous little dog, Tilly!).”

    Weddings by Sorella

    Area of Business: Wedding venue decor and styling


    Forum user recommended by: SarahBeckett

    Whether you are newly engaged or have your wedding date in the books, Natasha and Sophie can help you create your dream decor. The sisters create luxurious and decadent weddings, ensuring you have memories to last a lifetime. 

    Sarah:Truly stunning wedding venue decor and styling for your special day.

    Rustic Bakes Sussex

    Area of Business: Baked goods


    Forum user recommended by: SarahBeckett

    Lyndsey is a Hailsham-based self-taught baker, making delicious celebration cakes, cupcakes and treats using gluten-free ingredients Rustic Bakes celebrated one year in business this month!

    Sarah: My lovely friend specialises in utterly delicious gluten free cakes and bakes. See if you can resist the temptation… you'll be drooling for sure!

    Bluebird Crotchet

    Area of Business: Hand made crochet toys and dolls


    Forum user recommended by: Ant

    Ever wanted a mini-me version of yourself and your pet? Jan makes hand-made crochet toys and dolls to order using acrylic or cotton yarns and polyester fibre filling. A unique and charming gift for a loved one!

    Ant: “These knitted mini-me's for you and your pets are unbelievably cute. Awesome present for someone in your life!”


    Jo Delacourt

    Area of Business: Breathwork coach


    Forum user recommended by: Gem

    Jo helps socially aware nonconformists with anxiety to find their best path forward out of negative self-talk and into their personal power, using breathwork and movement-based practices.

    Gem: My friend Jo is a great yoga teacher but has recently pivoted to coaching people with anxiety to be more comfortable in themselves and identify bad habits. She's very personable and has done a whole bunch of podcasts and free videos that are worth checking out - especially if you are running a business - healthy mind, healthy business!”


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