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Speak to Crunch Mortgages and get a YES first time!

Speak to Crunch Mortgages and get a YES first time!, image of a couple with their house keys | Crunch

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    For years now, our experts at Crunch Mortgages have been taking calls from self-employed people, telling us that they hope we can help because getting a mortgage is so hard and almost impossible for them.

    For years now, we've been telling them that it's actually as easy for them to secure a mortgage as it is for an employed person; in fact, more often than not, it's easier.

    And, for years now, we've been taking all the stress and worry away and provided mortgages for contractors, company directors, and the self-employed at standard rates and with no extra fees.

    How do we make it so simple?

    • Our mortgage brokers are experts in the field of self-employed income
    • They understand which lenders are the best and which are the ones to avoid and as a truly independent brokerage we have access to the entire market.

    As with everything in life, it's about using the right person for the right job.

    We've found time and again that the complications only arise when advice is given by an inexperienced broker who doesn't understand self-employed income, have applied to the wrong lenders, and then created a declined mortgage, or even a number of them. We're then appointed to try to solve the problem, which invariably we do, but with the added complications and costs of having to first of all tidy up a damaged credit report.

    Securing your self-employed mortgage offer

    The best advice we can give is to call a specialist in the first instance, such as Crunch Mortgages, and just spend 15 minutes on the phone to one of our brokers. By the end of a very short call, you'll know exactly how much you can borrow, the monthly costs, the fees involved and the time it will take to produce an offer.

    That call costs you absolutely nothing, and within just a few minutes, you'll have the confidence to go and make an offer on the property you want to buy. Or, if you're an existing borrower looking to reduce your payments or release some capital, then after a few minutes on the phone, you may discover that the savings you could be substantial.

    Getting a mortgage is not complicated, not expensive, and not stressful, even for the self-employed. Simply use the right person for the right job - talk to Crunch Mortgages today!