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Software and service: The accountant is DEAD, long live the accountant!

Software and service: The accountant is DEAD, long live the accountant!, image of a golden King chess piece | Crunch

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    Crunch has always marched to the beat of its own drum. We’re not beholden to the archaic labels and practises that have defined traditional highstreet accountants for years now, and we’re about to break the mold once more.

    In 2014, Crunch jumped into the UK’s 50+50 Top 100 Accountancy Firms, leaping all the way up to position 60. Needless to say, everyone at Crunch was absolutely thrilled with that achievement - but this year, something amazing has happened.

    We withdrew from this year’s Top 100 Accountancy Firms.

    Why? Well that’s easy: because Crunch is no longer “an accountancy firm”. We’ve pivoted to a Tax and Accounting Platform - a software company with service beautifully integrated into it.

    Tax and Accounting Platform

    It’s true, Crunch are no longer a simple accountancy firm - we believe that term is outdated. Modern small business management requires modern software and support: that’s what we offer with our award-winning combination of online accounting software and service, and we think it’s about time this modern solution to small business accounts stood above the crowd.

    But don’t get it mistaken: Crunch still has a Chartered Certified Accountancy Practice, delivering day-to-day advice to our client base of over 10,000 small business owners. We may have shifted from an accountancy firm to a Tax and Accounting Platform, but the incredible services we offer here at Crunch aren’t going anywhere.

    Our clients can still expect to enjoy the incredible high standards of service we set for ourselves here at Crunch, with ever-developing accounting software that continues to simplify your everyday responsibilities.

    We’re no longer accountants with amazing online software to support our clients: we’re an accountancy software platform, with an expert team of Chartered Certified Accountants and client managers on hand to support your business however we can.

    Software and service

    The world of software is changing and in our busy lifestyles, we don’t have time to trawl through directories of professionals, like you have to on our competitors' software. People expect to find an expert instantly, which is why our software and service solution is so powerful.

    With Crunch, you get the market-leading online accounting software we’re famous for, alongside the support and guidance of Chartered Certified Accountants whenever you require them. This combination of software and service is the future of small business accounting, and while our competitors are still only offering one half of this equation, we’ve spent the last decade building, improving, and perfecting them both.

    Software and service is starting to grow in popularity, with a number of US companies already making the transition. Our partners at Lawbite are another fantastic example of software and service, too! The future is coming, and here at Crunch, we’ve been ahead of the curve for years.

    We believe this pivot is the way of the future. Small businesses don’t want their accountancy service to be a half-measure: with more and more tax filings moving online, we believe that our shift from accountancy firm to Tax and Accounting Platforming is the next step in our quest to provide the most modern, intuitive, secure, and simple online accounting service anywhere in the UK.

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