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Be Part of a Study on Self-Employment & Mental Health

Someone finding it difficult to get out of bed due to poor mental health | Crunch

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    With World Mental Health Day approaching, it’s really important that self-employed workers - an often neglected and vastly underrepresented part of the UK workforce - are part of the wider conversation. 

    Our friends at Leapers, who support and advocate for the mental health of freelancers and the self-employed, run an annual study into the relationship between mental health and self-employment, and we at Crunch would love for you to be a part of this.

    Why is this study happening?

    The main objective of the study is to raise awareness of, and better understand and support, mental health within the freelance and self-employed communities. It’s likely there will be heaps of important findings, considering the many ways the world has changed for us all over the last couple of years.

    The more people that answer the survey, the more meaningful the data will be - which will also increase the likelihood of decision-makers and publications taking heed of the findings.

     According to Leapers:

     “This research not only guides the work we do, by enabling us to understand where the challenges lie and create resources and guides and work to support on those themes, but also by sharing these insights widely, so others can also see where positive improvements can be made to their ways of working, either as individuals, those who hire freelancers, or other communities supporting the self-employed.

    Our research has consistently provided us with a guide on where we should focus our efforts, and allowed us to support over 70,000 people on topics such as late payments, imposter syndrome, confidence, burnout, working from home, dealing with client conflict, and many other issues.”

    Is the study anonymous?

    Leapers don't ask for any identifying data in the survey, but they do offer you the chance to leave your email address in case you’d like to be notified when the research is published (though that data isn't linked to survey data) - it's all anonymous. 

    How do I take part?

     Self-employed and want to take part? You can do so by sharing your experiences in this questionnaire.