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Unlocking mortgage lending after lockdown

Unlocking mortgage lending after lockdown, image of a happy new homeowner | Crunch

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    Some good news at last for the self-employed in the mortgage market.

    A number of lenders are now looking to actively support self-employed mortgage applicants by making it easier and quicker for them to get a mortgage – this is tremendous news in what has been a difficult time for the self-employed.  

    Whilst lenders are still ensuring they have the information needed to make an appropriate affordability assessment, some are now showing a more relaxed stance by no longer asking for bank statements for 2020 to compare to 2021. 

    In other words, they’re less worried about the impact of 2020, and instead concentrating on what is being achieved now.  

    Another interesting development is that one of the largest high street lenders has said that any COVID grants over three months old can be ignored. Even more astonishing is that we have at least two high-street lenders who, rather than penalise the self-employed for taking a COVID grant, are actually happy for the applicant to use the grant amount on their Self Assessment towards their income. Who saw that coming?!

    All of this comes at a time when we’re seeing mortgage rates below 1% for the first time in years.  

    It seems that lenders really do want to lend again, and rather than being critical of the self-employed, they’re really going out of their way to help.

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