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How Crunch Mortgages helped Clair buy a property

Clair's house

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    Meet Clair Parmenter, a Commercial & Performance specialist and owner of DiaryDo Ltd. Clair’s area of expertise is helping businesses in the transport sector to grow and transform, but when the time came to buy a residential property, she looked to Crunch Mortgages for advice.

    “Not having a high salary meant that my normal FA could not prove my income just on my dividends and turnover”, Clair told us. This is an issue many self-employed homebuyers face, which is why having a specialist to put your mind at ease is so important.

    “Luke was so helpful, he was always on the end of the phone throughout the whole process – we lost our buyers 3 times before finally being able to move over a two year period so the number of deals Luke had to secure for me well surpassed what you would normally expect – it was always a quick process and Luke was a fantastic communicator making me feel that I was his only client half the time!”

    So satisfied with her experience was Clair that she recommended Luke to an acquaintance, and was rewarded for doing so.

    “I recommended Luke to an acquaintance at one point and out of the blue I received an voucher - what a bonus! I had no idea that recommending Crunch Mortgages came with a reward. I was just doing it because I have been so impressed so that was a lovely surprise!”

    Being self-employed shouldn’t prevent you from getting a mortgage. If you’re a freelancer, contractor, or small business owner and are looking to buy a home, Crunch Mortgages are here to help.

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