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    At Crunch, we pride ourselves in giving the best customer service for our clients and offering a variety of tools to make your business easier. We’re always searching for new opportunities to make this possible, and we’ve just landed a good one!

    Our fresh collaboration with financial planning experts Brixx brings organisation to your business. Monitor your finances through Brixx and discover new strategies to watch your business flourish.

    When we came across Brixx, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of this integration. Putting together a special offer that Crunch clients can benefit from has been an amazing process. So let us share more on what Brixx can do:

    What is Brixx?

    Brixx is a financial forecasting tool, allowing you to create reports and charts to record your bills, expenses and profit of your business. It’s designed to give a clear overview of your business’s financial performance and present ways to improve - whether that be by reducing your outgoings or by raising the prices of your services to accommodate for your running costs.

    You’re able to see yearly reports, projections of the next year and use free business plan templates to put together your actions for improvement. Make better business decisions with an easy-to-read report about your business's financial situation.

    Scenario testing

    If you have an idea but you aren’t sure how this scenario will change your business, you can try Brixx’s fantastic scenario feature. This simple, intuitive feature allows you to add or remove parts of your plans to see how they'd play out in your business. You can copy entire plans or parts of your plans to include in your scenario, and add new projects separate to your normal business activities.

    Modelling how accelerated growth through different plans (for example advertisement or funding) can show what plans would have an impact on the growth of your business. It shows how slow business could affect your situation and looks at the worst case scenarios, allowing you to prepare.

    Team work

    Brixx has a useful tool where you’ve the ability to share your account with a number of other people. This has proven to be a great option as the account owner can control the different permissions of the added team members, while allowing your employees to collaborate together on plans and projects.

    You can track the history of changes made and revert back to see how the presentation has evolved. Brixx also has the ability to give free-viewer access to others, so that the work can be viewed but not edited by others in your business.

    What’s in it for Crunch members?

    Our specialist collaboration offers the Brixx free package completely free for all Crunch subscription clients. This includes:

    • 1 organisations
    • One plan
    • One year forecasting
    • Unlimited sharing
    • Budget report
    • Financial dashboard
    • Income and cost forecasting

    With Brixx, you can upgrade your package at any time to their advanced plans - Including multi-year forecasting, a full report suite, actuals vs forecast, more plans and more organisations. Take a peek at the upgraded packages through Brixx.

    When is Brixx available to use with Crunch?

    To register to be notified for when the Brixx integration is live, please visit our Brixx page! You’ll need to activate your account via Brixx, create your account and get started. There are various introduction guides and resources available for Brixx users to get you up and running, as well as tutorial notes on the screen when you first log in.

    For a monthly fee, you can upgrade your plan with Brixx at any time.

    To register for your Brixx free plan today, visit the Brixx account activation page.

    For further information on how Brixx can help your business and what plans are available to you, speak to our friendly Crunch advisors.

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