Can you claim glasses as a business expense?

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    As a freelancer, contractor, or small business owner, you aren’t able to claim for glasses or contact lenses on your annual Self Assessment unless they’re prescribed during your time at work, specifically for ‘monitor or screen work’.

    If you wear these outside of work, they technically offer a dual purpose and aren’t considered exclusively related to business use. On the other hand, if a prescription is required for glasses that are ‘wholly and exclusively used for business purposes’, and you can prove that you don’t use them outside of work, the purchase is more likely to be considered an allowable business expense.

    For instance, you might have two pairs of glasses, one for home and another pair just for work.

    Can you claim an eye test as a business expense?

    It’s generally fine to claim expenses for an eye test, providing you need it for the use of visual display equipment in your duties.

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