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    With walk-in tax centres closing across the country, you may have noticed that calling HMRC has become a more common occurrence. As anyone who’s ever attempted to phone HMRC knows, it can be a complete nightmare – the system seems to have been created by someone who enjoys inflicting mental anguish.

    It can be pretty hard to navigate, so we’ve gathered all the numbers that a freelancer might want to know in one handy place! If we’ve missed any, be a helpful soul and leave them in the comments below!

    Newly Self-Employed Helpline

    If you’re unsure how to go about registering as self-employed, you can check out our handy article to help give you the run-down. If you’re looking for some support from HMRC, you can contact them on:

    0300 200 3500

    Self Assessment

    At Crunch, we always aim to get our clients Self Assessments submitted early to avoid the headaches of a Christmas rush – you can find out all about Self Assessment and how to keep on top of it in our comprehensive article. If you still need some help from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, though, the number is:

    0300 200 3310, 0300 200 3319 (textphone) or +44 161 931 9070 (outside UK)

    Warning: This line is often inaccessible through sheer volume of calls during busier periods in January, so do yourself a favour and avoid phoning then if you can!

    Self Assessment made easy with this guide.

    Capital Gains Tax

    If you’re not sure what Capital Gains Tax is or whether it applies to you, our jargon-free article on the subject has got you covered. If HMRC are required, you can contact them on:

    0300 200 3300, 0300 200 3319 (textphone) or +44 135 535 9022 (outside UK)


    If you don’t know your Flat Rates from your Standard Rates, our VAT article can have you up to speed in no time. If you need to discuss registering or de-registering with HMRC, the numbers are:

    0300 200 3700, 0300 200 3719 (textphone) or +44 2920 501 261 (outside UK)

    National Insurance

    A quick read of our article on to National Insurance obligations for freelancers might just save you an hour of tinny “on hold” music. If you’ve still got questions for HMRC, though, you can seek answers by calling:

    0300 200 3500, 0300 200 3519 (textphone) or +44 191 203 7010 (outside UK)

    Income Tax

    We know how much we all love to pay tax, so we’ve compiled a handy article full of tax rates, thresholds and allowances for the 2018/19 tax year to make life a little bit easier. If you’ve still got questions, though, HMRC can be reached at:

    0300 200 3300, 0300 200 3319 or +44 135 535 9022 (outside UK)


    If you’re on uneven ground when someone mentions IR35, our comprehensive guide can get you up to speed – as can our IR35 calculator, which can help you understand if you’re at risk from IR35. If you need further support straight from the horse’s mouth, HMRC are available on:

    0300 123 2326

    You can learn more about IR35 on our comprehensive IR35 hub – from here, you’ll find all of our expert IR35 Knowledge articles, our downloadable business guide, and more information about our IR35 service.

    Guide to IR35

    How to complain about HMRC

    If you need to make a complaint to HMRC regarding your service, you can call them on:

    0844 409 6492

    Don’t want to talk to HMRC?

    If you’d really rather avoid talking to HMRC full-stop, perhaps it’s time to get yourself an accountant! Our accountants will take care of HMRC on your behalf, helping you with IR35, your yearly Self Assessment, and everything in between.