Self Assessment Q&A for Hermes drivers


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    Missed our Self Assessment webinar for Hermes drivers? Don’t worry, in this recording our Deputy Head of Accounting Lucinda Watkinson joins host Ben Schaefer to answer questions on your tax return.

    Your Self Assessment questions answered

    We received a number of questions about Self Assessment from Hermes drivers, so we recorded a Q&A where our Deputy Head of Accounting Lucinda Williams answers your queries.

    Need more information about Self Assessment?

    If you want more information about Self Assessment you can watch back the full webinar on Self Assessment below.

    You can access the webinar slides here. The webinar also talked about all the resources we’ve got to help you with Self Assessment – we’ve put together a sheet with all the links for you.

    Alternatively, check out our articles “Do I need to complete a Self Assessment?” and “Seven reasons why you should file your Self Assessment early“.

    If you want something to download and read later, there’s our jargon-free PDF Self Assessment business guide.

    Self Assessment for beginners