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Acquisitions often bring a mix of excitement and uncertainty. If you're a customer, you might be wondering how the TaxScouts acquisition will affect the service that you've come to rely on. You're not alone in these concerns. Change, especially in financial services, can be unsettling.

What is actually happening with the TaxScouts take over?

So far, all we know is that Europe based giants TaxFix have signed a deal to acquire TaxScouts. What many people are wondering is how this will affect TaxScouts’ existing customers. 

While no official changes have been confirmed, notable differences exist between the companies: 

  • TaxScouts boasts a higher TrustPilot rating of 4.8 compared to TaxFix's 3.8, 
  • TaxFix operates predominantly in Europe versus TaxScout's London base,
  • And a considerable difference in size.

With some clear contrasts between their businesses, though nothing is set in stone, many customers are wondering about impending changes on the horizon. 

Looking for TaxScouts alternatives?

If you’re looking to avoid the unsettled period that comes with new acquisitions, then it’s no surprise that you might be looking for alternatives to TaxScouts.

How Crunch can support you during the TaxScouts acquisition

The key benefit to swapping to Crunch is the stability and access to chartered accountants. We do more than just offering a digital service. Because of this our company is able to offer a continuous and reliable service without disruption. While changes at TaxScouts might lead to shifts in service or policy, Crunch remains steadfast and focused solely on our customer’s needs. 

And dare we say it, bigger isn’t always better. Although we’ve grown hugely over the last 15 years, we’re still proud to be able to offer a more personal touch. From your very first call, we’ll work with you to identify the kind of accounting support that you need for your business. The tailored solutions and dedicated support means our customers don’t get lost in the shuffle of a much larger organisation. 

Add that to a passion for continuously improving our services and an importance for transparency, and it becomes clear why so many choose us. From small side-gigs to large household names, we can help you all.

Crunch. Vs TaxScouts

Wondering how Crunch holds up against TaxScouts? We’ve put together a handy table that compares any similarities and differences. 

Crunch TaxScouts
Operating since 2009 2017
Services Self assessments, bookkeeping, payroll, year end accounts, expert advice, VAT returns, ask an expert accountant. Personal tax filing and tax advice
Software capabilities Invoices, expense management, daily bank imports for reconcilliation.

Plus generate quotes and reports. We also have automatic VAT calculations, receipt scanning functionality and personal tax calculators.
Invoices, expense management and bank reconciliation
Customer types Side giggers and freelancers, sole-traders of all kinds, small businesses and LTD companies. Freelance individuals mostly with some small businesses and LTD companies
Costs Tiered pricing based on the level of service your business needs.

Including a revolutionary new product where you only ever pay 1% of your monthly earnings.
Fixed fees for standard services.

How easy is it to switch to Crunch?

Yes, we’re very experienced in helping customers move over. In fact, a lot of our new customers actually come from recommendations. 

If you’re interested in Crunch but want more information, give us a call on 0333 311 0800.

‍You can also request a callback. We can get back to you 9am-5.30pm on Monday to Friday. Offices are closed on Saturday & Sunday.

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Vicki Nichols
Marketing communications & content executive
Updated on
May 7, 2024

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Professional Bio Templates & Examples

Create a compelling professional narrative for a proper, attention-grabbing introduction.
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