Free Invoice Software for Small Businesses

You deserve to get paid on time.

With our free accounting software, quickly create, send, and track invoices while managing expenses, saving your business time and money.

Best invoice software for free

Crunch offers an all-in-one solution with easy-to-use accounting software tailored for small businesses. Enjoy unlimited invoicing, expense management, open banking, and the option to consult our accountants or handle your Self Assessment directly with HMRC.

Free business invoicing and more

Send professional invoices in seconds

We’re not just a simple software, we give businesses free tools, like invoice templates, to get them started. Create and send sole trader or limited company invoices in a snap with Crunch Free.

Save an unlimited amount of clients for easy invoicing

Store and manage an unlimited number of client details in our software, ensuring seamless access, streamlining your operations, and significantly reducing administrative overheads for enhanced efficiency.

Keep track of all your invoices

Crunch Free is a secure, cloud-based solution that keeps all your invoices and expenses so you can see a complete history of the work you’ve done and who it was for.

Free invoice templates

If you’re just looking for some invoice templates we can also help. Simply download, edit, and send - suitable for all small business types.

Late payment reminders

Struggling with a non-paying client? You’re not alone. Download our series of late payment reminders - from “polite nudge” to “final notice” - and get that invoice paid.

Create quotes in a sec

Customers like receiving quotes to know what to expect. If you can get it to them in a flash, all the better. Crunch Free can help you with that, too.

Connect your bank account

Software & service in one

We actively support your business by managing deadlines, advising on tax relief, assisting with registrations, and liaising with HMRC. Our commitment extends beyond tasks, focusing on delivering quality work and proactive accounting advice tailored to your needs.

Take control of your accounts, today

Crunch’s effective software package includes being able to talk to an expert client manager and a Chartered Certified Accountant. You can count on Crunch to make you productive and profitable.