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Crunch Mortgages succeeds where other brokers failed

Posted by Crunch on Jan 10th, 2018 | Personal finance

Crunch Mortgages succeeds where other brokers failed, image of a row of houses

Securing a mortgage when you’re self-employed is often seen as a something of a challenge, with many freelancers, contractors, and small business owners feeling unfairly penalised simply due to not taking home a regular 9-to-5 salary.

But with the right help, there’s no reason why being self-employed should hold you back. With unique insight into the self-employed mortgage market and a willingness to fully investigate all cases, Crunch Mortgages is securing great deals for self-employed professional owners across the country.

Before you read on, Rob Starr from Crunch Mortgages explains a little more about how being self-employed shouldn’t stop you from getting a mortgage.

Steven and Karen’s story

Steven and Karen Brooks got in touch with Crunch Mortgages when they found themselves trapped into a mortgage they could no longer afford – a problem faced by many self-employed professionals in the UK.

Despite their self-employed income being more than enough to cover the monthly payments for the new mortgage they so desperately needed, their previous broker wasn’t able to secure the loan. The Brooks were then faced with the stark reality that they could lose their home.

Thanks to their decision to contact Crunch Mortgages, Steven and Karen’s story has a much happier ending. They were immediately assigned a personal Crunch Mortgages broker, who took the time to fully understand their circumstances.

Steven & Karen Brooks Mortgage

“We’d heard about Crunch Mortgages from a friend, so decided to give them a call. From the very start, dealing with Crunch Mortgages was a breath of fresh air.

“We were assigned a personal broker, Richard, who took the time to fully understand our circumstances.

“Thanks to Richard’s knowledge and dedication, we’ve got the mortgage we needed and are no longer living under the threat of our home being taken away.”

Having been told by their previous broker that there was nothing that could be done, Steven and Karen were delighted that Crunch Mortgages had gone the extra mile. Their personal broker took the time to fully understand their situation and identified an erroneous credit report entry as the key reason for the previous mortgage application failing.

Thanks to expert advice from their Crunch Mortgages broker, Steven and Karen were able to get the anomaly resolved, clearing the way for the mortgage to be approved.

With their new mortgage now secured, the threat of losing their home has finally been lifted.

Gavin’s story

Gavin said:

“Richard from Crunch Mortgages really helped me navigate the quagmire of finding those mortgage providers who would be willing to give a mortgage after one year, but also alleviate their anxieties about us putting an application in before my first years’ accounts were provided.

“Let’s face it – moving house is possibly one of the most stressful things you can do. I’d say about 90% of that was taken away”.

Get a self-employed mortgage

Specialist self-employed brokers

At Crunch Mortgages, we specialise in mortgages for the self-employed. We know the challenges they face and have the knowledge and experience to secure mortgage deals where other brokers fail.

Many mortgage applications, particularly those involving self-employed income, are turned down as a result of brokers simply not taking the time to do the groundwork. There’s absolutely no reason why being self-employed alone should hold you back – you just need to use a broker who understands the self-employed mortgage market. And at Crunch Mortgages, that’s what we specialise in.

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If you’re self-employed and have had trouble getting a mortgage, don’t despair. We have the specialist skills, knowledge, and experience to get you the mortgage you deserve.

Get in touch with us today for your free consultation.

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