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Nick Elliott

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Marketing consultant Nick can sleep soundly thanks to Crunch’s online accounting

Nick Elliott
Booster Consulting
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March 1, 2020

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Nick's mission is to enhance the marketing operations of the companies he works with. Be it advertising, production, digital media, websites or PR, Nick is using his extensive skill set to enable clients to optimise their marketing communications ecosystem.

"I have helped global corporations all the way through to small start-ups," Nick explains. "Each is unique, but there are also many similarities in the challenges they face."

“Crunch has given me peace of mind… which definitely contributes to a better night's sleep.”

When launching his limited company, Nick turned to Crunch for his accounting. He says: “What has been great about Crunch is their ability to expertly navigate me through what I see as the minefield that is tax and HMRC.”

“I now have confidence that no matter what I encounter with regards to my accounting, Crunch will have a specialist to help me. The sheer breadth of capabilities is hugely reassuring and the fact that they specialise in small businesses is even better.”

“At the other end of the scale, Crunch also helps with the small stuff. I even send pictures of the various letters I get from HMRC asking my Crunch team whether I need to take notice or ignore them. How great is that.”

“Roll with the punches and use the enormous enjoyment of creating your own business to fuel your energy.”

Asked about his best piece of advice for anyone starting out, Nick says: “Setbacks will come, no matter what you have created or who you are. So roll with the punches and use the enormous enjoyment of creating your own business to fuel your energy.”

If you’re looking to start your own business or are looking for unrivalled accountancy support, explore Crunch’s comprehensive packages and speak to an expert advisor today!