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Crunch helped take the load off of Pedro’s shoulders

Pedro Tavares loves the flexibility and freedom that comes with life as a freelance web developer, and with Crunch taking care of his accounts, he can spend more time focusing on his work and less time on the numbers.


Pedro Tavares

Business name

Obscura Limited

Line of work

Web development

member since

March 2015

Pedro works as a freelance web developer, specialising in animation and interaction. His work is varied, spanning individual projects run from his own office to applying his knowledge and expertise when joining up with established teams in client offices.

What he appreciates most is the sheer flexibility in his work - but the variety of work means a variety of accountancy needs. That’s where Crunch came in.

“When I joined Crunch, it felt like a load had been lifted off my shoulders.”

As a Crunch client, Pedro was able to automate many of the small, repetitive tasks that previously consumed his time, thanks to our market-leading online accountancy software. At last, he had instant access to a team of experts he could contact about accounting, tax and other aspects of his business.

If you’re looking for the same level of expertise and simplicity that Pedro now enjoys as a Crunch client, why not take a look at our sole trader and limited company accountancy packages?

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Why business owners love us

Rafa Maciel

August 11, 2022

...I was losing sleep because of accountancy tasks and calculations... I can affirm it's what it says in the box and a bit more...They were so so so helpful and patient in answering my questions and even did a video call to share their screen and show me in detail what they were doing. The advice and guidance is great. It's what makes the difference. Thanks Crunch, for allowing me to sleep now.


Mike R

August 10, 2022

I have been using Crunch Free since May and find the system very easy to use and track the progress of my business, love the professional templates which really make my business look the part. Zoe was very friendly and could answer all my questions whilst guiding me through the processes of setting up a pro account. No pressure was applied and felt very comfortable. Looking forward to progressing my business with the support of Crunch Pro services!


Felipe Francisco

July 25, 2022

I was new to the UK when I had to register my company back in 2019 and they have done an amazing job doing everything timely, and answering every single question throughout these years. I have and I continue to highly recommend it to anyone who wishes peace of mind when being a Company Director


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