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IR35 Calculator - Are You Inside IR35? Check Your Status For Free | Crunch

Inside or out? Get an instant idea of your IR35 status with our free IR35 calculator. We'll even advise you what to do next.

IR35: Why contractors should have business insurance | Blog

Although changes to IR35 have been delayed until April 2021, contractors working through a personal service company still need to have business insurance.

Stuck in the petrol queue? Blame IR35 | Blog

A survey has revealed that tax changes have had almost as much effect on driver availability as Brexit, and more than COVID-19.

IR35 and hiring a freelancer, contractor, or worker | Blog

Hiring a third party could open you up to tax and legal pitfalls surrounding their employment status – are they a subcontractor or an employee? We explain.

IR35 - Off payroll working rules, what are they? | Crunch

IR35 is a tax law introduced to combat tax avoidance by workers supplying their services to clients via an ‘intermediary’. We explain the rules and how they affect you.

Can IR35 contractors still work through a limited company? | Blog

The government’s reform of IR35 rules is forcing many contractors operating personal service companies to review their options.

Follow-up inquiry into off-payroll working (IR35) rules launched | Blog

A new inquiry on the implementation of IR35 rules in the private sector, and how these rules are working in practice, has been launched.

What do recruiters and agencies need to know about IR35? | Blog

IR35 changes were introduced on 6th April 2021 will have a significant impact on recruiters, both at employment agencies or in-house. Get your free guide.

Who determines your IR35 status and who pays employment taxes? | Blog

Following changes introduced by HMRC in 2021, responsibility for determining your IR35 status is mostly, the same for both the private & public sectors.

IR35 Guide: What is it, inside vs outside contracts, advice & more | Blog

If HMRC decide your contract is inside IR35, it can be a costly and time consuming. We look at the best ways to ensure you're not caught out.