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Payroll can get complicated. With student debt deductions, child care, pension contributions, and more, there’s a lot to think about.

Let us simplify payroll for you. Crunch’s software cuts down on payroll admin, while our experts are on hand to help, making the whole process a breeze.

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Sarah M

I have two companies with Crunch and highly rate their quick, helpful and professional service. They make life easy when you've got loads of business admin to manage.

Jon C

I absolutely LOVE Crunch Accounting.  I've been with them since 2013 and they are the best online accountancy firm I've worked with.

Russell B

I've been a Crunch customer for nearly ten years.  I work as a freelancer in the IT industry, through my own limited company, and I am 100% convinced Crunch offers the best accounting solution for me.

Free payroll software

Crunch’s software is one of the most powerful in the market, and if you and any fellow Directors want to pay yourselves in the most tax-efficient way possible, our payroll software is completely free!

Our Pay Yourself function automatically shows your live profits and allows you to take a tax-efficient salary, produce a pay slip, show you any available dividend, produce the dividend certificate, and even produce a board of directors minutes of a meeting approving the dividend release.

This follows the exact HMRC-approved process, rather than the outdated method of traditional accountants doing it at year end.

So, fancy treating yourself with a big fat tax efficient dividend?

You can with Crunch!

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Specialist payroll services

Umbrella companies and IR35

In the world of accounting, you’ve got to cover all your bases.
As a contractor, you may sometimes need to take payment through an umbrella company (rather than your clients paying your limited company directly). This might be at the request of your end-client, because the engagement is inside IR35, or for another reason.

In these cases, you would need to be employed by an umbrella company (usually run by accountants and other providers), which would bill the client and pay you/your contractors PAYE.

We’ll take the hassle out of umbrella company payroll. Using our Limited Company Premium package, you can easily switch between our umbrella service and your limited company. When working on a project under the umbrella, we’ll handle your monthly tax deductions, HMRC filing, and salary payment. Plus, you’ll have the support of your own team of expert accountants.

Speak to one of our team now to find out how Crunch can take the headache out of payroll.

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How to get Crunch Payroll

Crunch’s payroll services are bundled as part of our unique, complete, and highly cost-effective accountancy services. This includes our amazing accounting software.
Rather than consider payroll separately, isn’t it time to consider moving to Crunch and have everything in one place?

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Payroll should be easy to use and available to everyone. That’s why we’ve integrated it so deeply into the core of our amazing software and made it astoundingly affordable.

Astonishing value!

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Got a question about our payroll service?

Who needs to think about payroll?


If you’re a company director and you're looking to pay yourself a salary above the National Insurance threshold, or you have employees, you may need to use our payroll service. Speak to one of or Advisors or your Dedicated Service Team to discuss further

Taking on an employee


Learn the basic legal requirements and best practice when taking on an employee for your business, and get tips on how to find the best candidates in our handy Knowledge article and checklist.

Why might I want to take a salary above the National Insurance threshold?


If you’re looking to pay a salary higher than the National Insurance threshold, you’ll need to pay employee’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and your company will need to pay employer’s NICs. There may be valid reasons for paying a higher salary, such as to qualify for increased benefits (i.e. higher maternity pay). In addition:

  • You may want to run a payroll if you are working as an IR35 contractor through your limited company - this service is included on our Premium and Small Business packages.
  • If your company has two or more directors and you all take a salary over the NI threshold, or if you have other employees, you may be eligible for the Employment Allowance (The Employment Allowance gives a company up to £4,000 relief towards their Employer NIC bill for the 2020/21 tax year). There are rules which must be followed, particularly if you work in the public sector or are a freelancer or a contractor, please contact us to see if you’re eligible to apply
  • You may wish to pay yourself a higher salary to help with a mortgage application. If you believe this applies to you, don't forget that it's not always necessary and our Crunch Mortgages advisors can help you understand what you need to apply for a mortgage when you're self-employed
  • Alternatively, you might just want to take a little more home each month. You can find out why we usually recommend a salary set at the National Insurance threshold in our article “How much should I take as a salary from my limited company?”.