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Payroll services for small businesses with Crunch

Crunch clients can enjoy a complete, Real Time Information (RTI) compliant payroll service delivered by our payroll team and supported by our expert, chartered certified accountants.

Whether you’re a director looking to pay yourself a salary above the National Insurance (NI) Primary threshold, or a small business owner with up to 10 employees, Crunch can help. You can speak to your client managers about this additional service, or you can contact our expert advisor Charlie Arnell on 0333 311 0776 to discuss how we can support your every need as your business grows.

  • Payroll for up to 10 employees
  • You’ll always be RTI compliant
  • Auto-enrolment for all employees
  • Let Crunch manage your payroll requirements with HMRC
  • Easily pay your employees on time

    Crunch clients on our Small Business accounting package have payroll for up to 10 employees (including directors) included in their subscription. Pro or Premium accounting package clients can take a salary up to the National Insurance (NI) primary threshold, and add our payroll service to their package if required.

  • All your tax and HMRC filing

    Our payroll software will automatically calculate and file your monthly payroll with HMRC and produce payslips, Form P60 and other tax forms for you, your fellow directors, and your employees. We’ll calculate the Income Tax and National Insurance due as well.

  • HMRC compliance assured

    Our Real Time Information (RTI) payroll can be set up in minutes, letting you expand your workforce safe in the knowledge that you’re staying compliant.

  • Up to five employees

    An entry-level payroll service for businesses with up to five employees including directors, for £16.50 +VAT a month. You also need to use this service if you are a director and wish to take a salary from your business above the National Insurance Primary Threshold level.

  • Six to ten employees

    We can also run payroll for businesses that have grown to take on between six and ten employees for £21.50 +VAT a month.

  • IR35 payroll

    We offer a payroll service for limited company clients who may have a contract which is inside IR35. We'll deduct the correct tax and National Insurance each month to make sure you're compliant and only paying what you need to, and all for a low monthly fee of £27.50 +VAT.

Got a question about our payroll service?

Who needs to think about payroll?

If you’re a company director looking to pay yourself a salary above the National Insurance primary threshold, or you have employees, you need to think about payroll.

Taking on an employee

Learn the basic legal requirements and best practice when taking on an employee for your business, and get tips on how to find the best candidates in our handy Knowledge article and checklist

Why might I want to take a salary above the National Insurance primary threshold?

If you’re looking to pay a salary higher than the National Insurance primary threshold, you’ll need to pay employee’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and your company will need to pay employer’s NICs. There may be valid reasons for paying a higher salary, such as to qualify for increased benefits (i.e. higher maternity pay). In addition:

- You may want to run a payroll if you are working as an IR35 contractor through your limited company
- If your company has two or more directors and you all take a salary over the NI primary threshold, or if you have other employees, you may be eligible for the Employment Allowance (The Employment Allowance gives a company up to £3,000 relief towards their Employer NIC bill for the 2019/20 tax year). There are rules which must be followed, particularly if you work in the public sector or are a freelancer or a contractor, please contact us to see if you’re eligible to apply
- You may wish to pay yourself a higher salary to help with a mortgage application (though this is not always necessary)
- Alternatively, you might just want to take a little more home each month. You can find out why we usually recommend a salary set at the National Insurance primary threshold in our article “How much should I take as a salary from my limited company?”.

Can you set up a pension auto-enrolment scheme for my company?

If you’re taking our Crunch payroll service, we can also set up an auto-enrolment pension scheme for you and your employees (for an additional cost). Thanks to our relationship with NEST, we can set up pension auto-enrolment on your behalf and make the monthly deductions for you and your employees.

Interested in our payroll and pension auto-enrolment services?

Call our expert advisor Charlie Arnell now on 0333 311 0776 or book a consultation to add our payroll or pension auto-enrolment service to your package. You can also speak to your client managers about these services.