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Cernat David Si Denis

Crunch are simply amazing. I am very happy that I switched to Crunch a few months ago.  


I have been using Crunch Accounting since 2014. Every time I have needed something, no matter how obscure, they have been super helpful and efficient.


I am grateful for the detail of support Crunch have given me over the years, and especially today. I cannot imagine using any other service.

How we Crunch your Self Assessment

Crunch's service means no errors. Despite users being armed with easy-to-use software, we use the safety net of fully-trained accountants to check your return before it is filed.

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Disclose basic information

Answer a handful of questions about your business transactions, which can be saved as they are filled in online.


Crunch will figure it out

Crunch's qualified accountants are renowned for spotting any incorrect or missing information. We will get back to you to clarify the figures.


Count on Crunch

Our proficient team of fully-trained accountants guarantee to make your business as tax-efficient as possible.

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Who needs to file a Self Assessment?

Everyone should complete a Self Assessment if receiving income where the tax is not deducted at source,

For example, the income received from operating as a Sole Trader or working as a Limited Company director does not have NI contributions nor Income Tax already deducted. The HMRC needs to be informed about that income on a Self Assessment form to calculate whether tax should be paid.

Crunch can advise and guide professionals through the potential minefield of Self Assessment filing.

Examples of professionals who are required to file a Self Assessment:

Air BnB Hosts
First time tax filers
Sole traders
CIS Subcontractors
High earners (£100k+)
Company Directors
People Living abroad

Explore our How To Complete Self Assessment article.

Why choose Crunch Self Assessment?

Crunch's intuitive software is supported by our award-winning Customer Service team and Chartered Certified accountants

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One-off fee

Crunch's qualified accountants and administration team will complete a Self Assessment, and file it with HMRC, for a one-off fee of £95+VAT.

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Examined by an accountant

Crunch’s qualified accountants are extremely thorough. They will check every Self Assessment before these are filed with HMRC.

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Last-minute assistance

Crunch can complete and file your Self Assessment within three working days of your deadline. No need to panic because Crunch can ride to your rescue.

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File to HMRC

Crunch prepares all of the relevant information for HMRC. We just ask you a series of questions then get on with the task in hand.

Crunch Self Assessment just £95+VAT

Crunch has long-built a reputation for affordable, innovative and easy-to-use products.


Crunch Self Assessment

Our full software and service version of Crunch Self Assessment is available for a flat fee.


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Get started

Sole Trader or Limited Company?

Whether you operate as a Sole Trader or run a Limited Company you could benefit from Crunch’s award-winning Premium services, where our Self Assessment is included free-of-charge.

Explore Crunch Self Assessment
Pay a one off fee of just £95 plus VAT
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What is a Self Assessment?

What is
Self Assessment?

Self Assessment is HMRC’s calculation of the Income Tax and NI needed to pay

Employees have their Income Tax automatically deducted from their employment income through the PAYE system.

This does not happen for self-employed workers, which is why the Self Assessment is required.

You are legally required in the UK to register for and file a Self Assessment with HMRC by 31 January annually.

You need to file a Self Assessment for other types of income such as dividends, pension, income from savings and investments plus being a landlord.

Explore our How To Complete a Self Assessment article.

Speak to a specialist

Frequently asked questions about Crunch's Self Assessment service

What is a Self Assessment and do I need to complete one?


A Self Assessment - often referred to as a ‘tax return’ - is a way for HMRC to calculate how much Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions you’ll need to pay. For contracted employees, your tax is deducted monthly on your employment income through the PAYE system. For the self-employed, or someone with other types of income (e.g. pension or dividends), HMRC needs a Self Assessment to assess the tax required to be paid.

I think I have a complex Self Assessment. Can Crunch handle it?


Crunch’s Self Assessment service is a one-off price of £95+VAT - with no hidden charges! No matter how complicated you think yours may be, Crunch’s accountants can help, roviding a hassle-free and easy experience for our clients.

*On rare occasions, Crunch may not be able to complete your Self Assessment ourselves, in which case we’ll offer to refer you to one of our partners, which may incur additional costs. Under no circumstances would Crunch pass on your data without your explicit permission.

Is it really a one-off fee of £95+VAT?


With Crunch’s Self Assessment service, we’re completely upfront with all of our fees.

If you’d like our extra speedy express service, for last-minute Self Assessment filing, we offer this at a great price of £100 + VAT. Our friendly accountants will give you a stress-free experience, so you feel prepared for the next tax year.

*On rare occasions, Crunch may not be able to complete your Self Assessment ourselves. In which case, we’ll offer to refer you to one of our partners, which may incur additional costs. Under no circumstances would Crunch pass on your data without your explicit permission.

How long does it take?


When it comes to your Self Assessment with Crunch, your part can be over in as little as 15 minutes (subject to the size of your tax return). Once your documents have been uploaded onto our online software, you can sit back and wait for our helpful accountants to get in touch.

*On rare occasions, Crunch may not be able to complete your Self Assessment ourselves. In which case, we’ll offer to refer you to one of our partners, which may incur additional costs. Under no circumstances would Crunch pass on your data without your explicit permission.

Who can we help with Self Assessment?


Crunch’s Self Assessment service is available for anyone who’s income isn’t ‘taxed at source’, for example:

  • Self-employed
  • Freelancers
  • Landlords
  • High earners (£100K +)
  • Sole traders
  • Investors
  • Limited Companies
  • Crypto
  • Side hustles

What’s included in the Crunch Self Assessment service?


If you choose Crunch for your next Self Assessment, here’s what you get with the service:

  • Some quick questions on your Self Assessment, giving our accountants more details on you and your finances.
  • Once you have completed a spreadsheet of your expenses or money made, this can be uploaded, along with your questionnaire and any other supporting documents, onto our online software.
  • A friendly Crunch accountant who will review your Self Assessment and carry out a thorough quality check.
  • A dedicated accountant that’ll contact you to discuss your Self Assessment and if there are anomalies in the information you’ve provided.
  • The rest is left to us - you can now sit back and relax while Crunch files your Self Assessment with HMRC for you.

Why is Crunch better than an independent accountant?


Crunch’s Self Assessment service is only a one-off fee of £95+VAT, whereas in the UK, you can usually be charged anywhere between £150 to £250 (or potentially more!). Get the expert support you want, at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

What if I have just a tax-related query?


You can simply sign up for Crunch Free and now pay just £19.50+VAT per hour (was £39.50+VAT per hour) for help from a specialist accountant.

How long does it take to get my tax refund after my Self Assessment?


If you’re entitled to a refund, you should allow four weeks for the refund to be sent to your bank account. If you owe any tax within 35 days of your Self Assessment submission, your refund will be deducted from your total owed.

When is my Self Assessment due?


It can be filed any time from the 6th of April, up until the deadline of the 31st of January. We recommend filing it at your earliest convenience.

Why should I file my Self Assessment early?


There are plenty of reasons to get your Self Assessment done early. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • If you submit yours as soon as it’s available to do so (6th April), you'll have until the end of January to pay - that gives you time to plan with no nasty surprises in the new year!
  • If you’re owed a rebate, you’ll find out sooner so you can get a refund. Why let the money sit in HMRC’s account when it could be in yours?
  • Getting it completed now means you can tick it off the to-do list.
  • Avoid the dreaded HMRC penalties for missing the deadline - there's an instant £100 fine if you're late to file, plus several others that can catch you out.

Is my Self Assessment included in my Crunch subscription?


If you have a Crunch Free, Sole Trader Pro, or Small Business plan, there’ll be a small one-off charge of £95+VAT. However, if you have a Limited Company Premium plan, your Self Assessment is included in your monthly subscription.

I use Crunch. How do I start my Self Assessment?


If you have an existing Crunch account, just log in, select ‘Self Assessment’ on the left-hand side and click ‘Start’. Our accountants will complete it, request your approval and submit it to HMRC on your behalf.

How do I pay any Self Assessment tax I owe?


Once your Self Assessment has been submitted, HMRC will tell you how much tax you owe. This can usually be paid by debit card.

Do I need an accountant for my Self Assessment?


You might find that their experience and expertise come in handy, but there’s no legal obligation to hire an accountant to file your Self Assessment.

Is Crunch’s Self Assessment service easy to join?


Yes! For all new clients, just sign up for a Crunch Free account, log in, and get started! For further help on this, our friendly handy experts are available on 0333 222 6004.

For existing Crunch clients, you can log in to your account and get started right away. For more information, if you pay for your Crunch subscription, you can get in touch with our client managers at or 0333 311 8001.

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