Sole trader business expenses

This handy guide will help you save money by giving you detailed instructions on exactly what you’re entitled to claim as allowable business expenses as a sole trader - and how to go about doing it. You might be surprised to learn about the various business expenses that you never thought you could claim.

As ever, HMRC rules can be complex and are often based on concepts such as the ‘fairness’ and ‘reasonableness’ of expenses claimed. When in doubt, always contact an accountant such as Crunch for advice.

If you'd like to find out what expenses you can claim as a limited company, please see our limited company expenses guide.Introduction to sole trader expenses.

It’s no small feat running a business, and keeping track of expenses is one of the biggest challenges. You’ll inevitably rack up a long list, from paper clips and pens to office rent. As a sole trader, you need to know what you have to account for, how to do it, and what expenditure you’re entitled to claim back.

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