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Crunch Mortgage Monitor - a free service to save you money on your mortgage

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    Crunch Mortgage Monitor is a free service for Crunch Clients and Crunch Chorus members that compares your current mortgage with thousands of deals on the market every day to see if you could save money.

    If our Mortgage Monitor calculates at any point that you could make savings by switching to a new deal, then we’ll get in touch.

    Should you then wish to remortgage, Crunch Mortgages will do all the work for you, you’ll even get a discount on our broker fee.

    Why sign up for the Crunch Mortgage Monitor?

    At Crunch Mortgages, we believe that everyone should be able to get the best possible mortgage for them. Unfortunately, over two million of the UK’s mortgage holders overpay an average of £4,800 per year because they didn’t switch at the end of their initial mortgage term (eg. at the end of a two year fixed deal).

    Our Crunch Mortgage Monitor is a free service to help you avoid ending up on your lender's higher-interest Standard Variable Rate - a fate which costs almost £10 billion every year to UK property owners. Crunch Mortgage Monitor can help you ensure you’re always getting the best deal available.

    It’s available to any of our Crunch clients, or to Crunch Chorus members. If you’re not yet a Crunch Chorus member you can join for free, you’ll get access to the service as well as great free tools, and business guides like this great self-employed mortgage guide.

    Save money on your mortgage

    How do I register for the Crunch Mortgage Monitor service?

    Registering for the Mortgage Monitor service takes just a couple of minutes as long as you’re a Crunch client or Crunch Chorus member . All we need are your contact details, your existing mortgage lender, and your mortgage account number (if available).

    You can send these details to us using our simple form which you can access from the Product Offers section of Crunch Chorus or call Crunch Mortgages on 0330 335 3399 to register.

    Once you’re registered for the free service, you can then sleep well at night knowing that Crunch has your back.

    Joining Crunch Chorus takes seconds, costs nothing, and gives you access to a huge range of benefits - including jargon-free business guides, late payment reminder letter templates, and self-employed networking events.