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How to contact HMRC

With walk-in tax centres closing across the country, you may find that calling HMRC becomes a more common activity for you this year. As anyone who’s ever attempted to phone HMRC knows, it can be a complete nightmare. The system seems to have been created by someone who enjoys inflicting mental anguish. It can be pretty hard to navigate, so we’ve collected all the numbers that a freelancer might need to know.

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Newly Self-Employed Helpline

For those making their first awkward baby-steps into the world of self-employment and need to register as such, the numbers you need are:

0845 915 4515 or 0845 915 3296 (textphone)

Self Assessment

For all your exciting Self Assessment needs, including registration, call:

0845 900 0444 or 0845 302 1408 (textphone) or +44 161 931 9070 (from abroad)

Warning: This line is inaccessible through sheer volume of calls for most of January, so do everyone a favour and avoid phoning then if you can!

Capital Gains Tax

Do you have no idea what Capital Gains Tax is? Then call:

0845 300 0627 or 0845 302 1408 (textphone)


Have a VAT question, need to register, deregister, or just want to discuss VAT at length? Of course you do. Call:

0845 010 9000 or 0845 000 0200 (textphone) or +44 2920 501 261 (from abroad)

National Insurance

National Insurance is fun, right? Get answers to all your NI questions by calling:

0845 302 1749 or 0845 915 3296 (textphone)

Income Tax

We all love to pay tax. Get information on personal allowances, income tax bands and their associated rates by calling:

0845 300 0627 or 0845 302 1408 (textphone) or +44 135 535 9022 (from abroad)


Completely confused by IR35, just like everyone else? Get hold of HMRC’s IR35 specialists on:

0845 303 3535

Changes are afoot!

HMRC are planning to roll out cheaper 03 numbers this summer for all their contact centres – we will, of course, update this article when these new numbers are available.

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