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Register with HMRC
Connect your bank account
Create & issue invoices
Record & track expenses
File Self Assessment & VAT
Get live support with accounting
Bank reconciliation
Register with HMRC
Connect your bank account
Create & issue invoices
Record & track expenses
File Self Assessment & VAT
Get live support with accounting
Use Brixx forecasting software

All-in-one software and accounting services

We're redefining the way accounting packages are tailored for sole traders! With a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other tools, you can enjoy the freedom of managing your finances efficiently.

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Create invoices quickly and get paid quicker

Get paid faster and improve your cash flow. Send unlimited invoices from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet in just a few clicks.

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Manage your business expenses

Our Crunch subscriptions provide a variety of expense management resources to make your bookkeeping easier. From business mileage recording to receipt capturing, we have all the tools to make accounting quick and slick.

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Self Assessment tax return service

Our qualified accountants will make sure your tax returns are done correctly. And are totally tax efficient, so you'll maximise your take-home earnings. We'll even get your refunds if you are due them.

You will receive a Self Assessment for the trading year 2023-2024 once a minimum payment of £90 +VAT has been made, either as a one off payment or a top up from client payments received. Speak to our advisors for more information.

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Simple to navigate

User-friendly, intuitive design and layout make using our software easy for anyone.

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Easy to manage

Control, view, categorise and track your financial data with simplicity, speed and accuracy.

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Help when you need it

Real human support and advice on hand from client success managers and expert accountants.

Smart Software + Expert Support = Upgraded Finances

What sets Crunch’s service apart is access to human support from our expert accountants. As well as our cutting-edge software that has won multiple awards!

This combined with all the other powerful features creates a service you can fully trust and rely on. It’s so easy to use, you’ll be en route to accounting success in minutes!

Dynamic pricing for dynamic businesses

CrunchONE’s pay-as-you-earn pricing structure makes the best online accounting service more accessible to sole traders. With CrunchONE you only pay 1%+VAT of your payments received - saving you £££s.

* 1 Minimum payment of £90 per annum required for self assessment

Fully integrated with all major banks

Award winning accountancy service

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Who we help

Whatever your passion, it's probably not accounting. That's why we support businesses of all shapes and sizes so you can do what you love.

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Digital Nomads
Trades (CIS)

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No money upfront

We delight in people setting up on their own and know how hard it is. We want this to be zero risk!

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Unlimited accountancy support

You will receive unlimited accountancy support to answer any questions you have.

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Price cap

Rest assured, we've got you covered – a price cap ensures that even during extraordinary months, we won't take a larger portion of your success.

Sole Trader Pro
payments received +VAT per month
Create and issue invoices
Record & track expenses
Unlimited Accountancy Support
Dedicated Client Manager
Link to your Bank
Much more
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"Crunch are always super helpful and explain things to you in an understandable and manageable way, highly recommend their services, and thank you Barney for your time, great customer service!"


"Jamie and Karly provided excellent timely and personable services making sure we got the mortgage we wanted. "

D Pisani

"Absolutely fantastic to work with, i dread my yearly tax return but they just make it painless so i can submit early and just mark it as closed. Very reasonable and cannot rate highly enough."

Andrew Parsons

"Tom was a great advisor who helped me with all my queries and went above and beyond making sure I understand my best options whilst he gave me time to complete my own research. Would recommend having a chat with Tom and the team any day."

Eerik Beeton

"As someone that’s new to being self employed, Crunch made the whole set up process easy. From my initial call to understand the process, the check ins to see how I was doing to actually going ahead."

Stew Livingstone

"I approached Crunch to help with self-assessments and VAT returns as a new business owner. I am very much learning as I go on my new venture. I have appreciated the straightforward approach taken by Crunch employees like advisor Tom and product manager Sian, who helped me greatly get started."

Gary Cassidy

"I have been with Crunch for many years. I wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional services provided by Crunch. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and expertise have been invaluable in managing my finances effectively."


"We were contacted well ahead to evaluate remortgaging options and secure the best product available to us. We love the fact that we have a peace of mind as we can rely on Crunch to contact us promptly and with our best interests at heart."


"Johannes, and now James, are both extremely attentive and always willing to go the extra mile to support us. We really appreciate the time they save us and the clarity they provide around our accounts especially when it comes to dividends, filings and tax. I would not want to be without them!"

Darren Ball

"Excellent customer support - even for complex situations. Johannes, James and the team have been extremely helpful in getting my business up and running. All my questions have been answered and the team have been efficient and accurate in processing our accountants. Can't say enough good things - I made the right choice with Crunch"

Paul Jennings


Frequently asked questions about sole traders.

What is Sole Trader accounting?

Self Assessment - often referred to as a ‘tax return’ - is a way for HMRC to calculate how much Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions you’ll need to pay. For contracted employees, your tax is deducted monthly on your employment income through the PAYE system. For the self-employed, or someone with other types of income (e.g. pension or dividends), HMRC needs a Self Assessment to assess the tax required to be paid.

What is a Sole Trader?

If you’re self-employed and running your own business as an individual, then you should be registered with HMRC as a sole trader. Being a sole trader means there’s no legal distinction between the individual and the business they own.Sole traders work in many industries and trades, including electricians, plumbers, management consultants, designers, and more. Check out our article on “What is a sole trader?” for more information.

Do Sole Traders need an accountant?

As a sole trader, there’s no law that requires you to have an accountant, but an accountant can help you stay on top of your business finances, manage your legal obligations as a small business owner, and help with your statutory filings and tax returns.An accountant is especially helpful where your sole trade business is starting out and needs assistance with areas such as VAT, CIS, and employing others.

What accounts does a Sole Trader need to file?

Tax returns sole traders are required to file include VAT (if your business is VAT registered), and your annual Self Assessment, which covers your personal Income Tax and National Insurance liabilities. You can read more about your tax obligations in our “What is a sole trader?” article.

How do I file taxes as a Sole Trader?

Sole trader taxes need to be filed with HMRC before their relevant due dates. You’ll need to start by registering as a sole trader with HMRC, and registering for tax returns such as Self Assessment. As a Crunch client, our team of Chartered Certified accountants can file your tax returns on your behalf. If you don’t have an accountant, though, you’ll need to file your returns yourself.

Is my Self Assessment / Tax Return Included?

As part of the services provided you have the opportunity to receive a Simple Self Assessment for the trading year of 2023 - 2024 as long as a minimum payment of £140 +VAT is made. If you require a Self Assessment to be prepared for the tax year you joined Crunch additional fees apply - Speak our advisors for more information.

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