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Ioana Dragomir
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September 29, 2022

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For the past 5 years Ioana has helped start-ups, SMEs, and international brands generate ROI and optimise their marketing spend. With many clients to manage, having her accounting organised and taken care of is crucial.

We caught up with Ioana to find out why she took the leap to go self-employed and why she chose Crunch to handle her accounting.

Why did you choose to go self-employed? Was there something that influenced this decision?

“When my son was one, I realised I needed more flexibility in my life, so I decided that it was time for a career change (I had been a Japanese lecturer up until then)”.

For many self-employed workers, the flexibility at work for more family time and taking care of children is a massive factor as to why they started their own business. You can finally take charge of your working hours and get the work-life balance that you’ve always wanted.

What is your business and what do you do? Why did you choose this route?

“I run a digital marketing consultancy called Dragom and I get to work with very interesting clients and projects across the UK. The great thing about my job is that I never get bored of what I am doing, as there is so much diversity across the projects I am involved in. And being my own boss gives me the flexibility I needed and allows me to maintain a good work-life balance (most of the time)”.

What have you liked about using Crunch? How has it helped/impacted your business?

“The best thing about Crunch is definitely the people working there. Don't get me wrong, the software is powerful too, very easy to use, and super quick to set up” says Ioana.

“But in a world where everything is automated, the access to advice and the collaboration with actual accountants made this a no-brainer for me. And if you think of the costs involved, it's hard to beat what Crunch has to offer”.

What made you choose Crunch over any other option such as a traditional accountant or a competitor?

“I chose Crunch because it was the place where I could get that human connection with the person doing my taxes that was lacking in the traditional setting where interaction was very limited. With Crunch it feels like there's an entire team taking care of my business - I get to ask questions and to learn what fits my business best.”.

When you subscribe to Crunch, you get access to expert client managers and our qualified accountants. Get a walk-through from our client managers of the software and features available to you on a video call.

Got any burning accounting and finance questions? Ask away in a 1-2-1 with a Chartered Certified Accountant through our Ask an Accountant service. Completely free on all Crunch paid subscriptions or just a one-off £24.50 +VAT if you’re on Crunch Free.

Ioana gives her advice to the self-employed, who like her, were putting off their finances:

“If you're self-employed and you're either putting off sorting your finances, DIY-ing it, or using a solution you're half-happy with, I'd strongly recommend you give Crunch a go.”

If you’re fed up with the strict work schedule in your current permanent role, why not consider going self-employed like Ioana? Crunch can help you understand your tax and accounting requirements and make the process simple. Get started online today.