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The best value accountancy - guaranteed

We know that business owners need to be careful with the pennies - that's why we launched Crunch over 10 years ago. You get expert advice, support from our superhero client managers, and easy-to-use online accounting software. We even take care of HMRC and Companies House so you're always on top of all your business finances.

“When I founded monmon digital in 2018, I needed help with my accounts and self-employed tax management. I was using a traditional accountant and one of the most popular accounting software tools - this was the only option I knew back then.

I had a trial with Crunch and instantly made a decision to move my business over because of two things that are very important to any business owner. Firstly, the Crunch software is so much more user-friendly than any other accounting software, saving me time and making life so much easier. It also helped me save over £800 a year whilst still providing me with access to their knowledge, expertise, and great customer service.”

- Monika, Freelance Paid Media Specialist,

Compare limited company accountancy packages - we've done the hard work for you

Every business likes to say they offer the best value for money service on the market - but here at Crunch, we can prove it. Our Pro package offers the main things you need to manage your limited company accounts. Our Premium package adds on even more support for growing business including Self Assessments for up to two directors and the most flexible IR35 support for contractors including switchable Umbrella service.

Our Crunch price promise

We believe that our combination of online accountancy software, support, and expert advice can't be beaten in the market. We're so sure you won't find a better deal, that we offer a price guarantee. If you can find the equivalent package of services and software at a lower regular monthly price, show us proof and we'll give you a reward or a free month, once you've been with Crunch for a month.

How does Crunch compare to a traditional accountant?

  • When comparing Crunch to a traditional accountant, you need to be aware that you aren't comparing a like-for-like service.

    There's still a widely held belief that an accountant is someone you need to visit, but the vast majority of the services you buy are all handled via phone and email, so why should an accountant be any different? A traditional accountant will charge for services as and when you need them, so rather than having access to a team of experts year-round, you'll pay for a 'one-off service' at the end of the year. Face-to-face meetings with an accountant aren't even possible given the Coronavirus lockdown, so even more reason to consider an online service like Crunch.

  • To file a set of accounts with a traditional accountant, you can expect to pay £1,800 +VAT or more. Crunch can do this for under £800 +VAT.

    If you have VAT returns to be submitted, personal taxes to be filed, or require bespoke advice, this can also come at a cost which can easily push your quote over £2,000 +VAT per annum. Another consideration is the cost of accountancy software - usually, you'll need to pay for a subscription adding additional cost. At Crunch we've incorporated all of this into one monthly payment: all your software, expert advice, and service in one place, for one great value price.

Not ready for one of our accountancy packages yet?

Get access to a comprehensive range of free resources including our invoice generator, business guides, and letter templates by joining Crunch Chorus - our free community for the self-employed. You'll be the first to know about upcoming networking events, and we'll also keep you updated on the latest news affecting the self-employed.

Terms and Conditions

If you're considering becoming a Crunch client and you're able to find a comparable accountancy software and service package from another accountancy company, at a lower price over a 12-month period, simply supply proof of the cost and inclusions and we'll offer an incentive. To get the incentive you'll need to take out a new Crunch complete accountancy package (either Sole Trader, Limited Company, or Small Business). We'll verify the difference in price over a 12 month period and offer you either an Gift Card, or a free month of your regular subscription, depending on the amount. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.