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Limited company

What are the main advantages of a limited company - Crunch - image of a man drinking coffee at a laptop

Limited company

Many take the sole trader route when starting a business, but there are huge benefits and advantage associated with setting up a limited company.

Closing your limited company, what are your options - Crunch - Image of a closed sign

Limited company

Whether you've decided to retire, become an employee, or go back to sole trader, you need to know the tax-efficient ways to close your limited company.

What is a limited company? Crunch - image of people looking at computer screens

Limited company

Limited companies are governed by the regulations contained in the Companies Act 2006. All company registration & records are managed by Companies House.

Crunch - how to set up a limited company - image of people at work in a team | Crunch

Limited company

We show you how to set up a limited company so you get to define your brand, own everything you do, and run your business in the most tax-efficient way.

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Changing from sole trader to limited company, image of people sticking notes on a cork board | Crunch
Limited company

Changing from a sole trader to a limited company? Here’s a simple explanation of when to make the transition and what you’ll need to keep in mind, without all the jargon.

Is a Limited Company Right For Locum Doctors? (Image of a doctor and patient).
Limited company

A locum doctor can provide work under a variety of different guises, including as a limited company. We take a look at the pros and cons.

Man using a calculator.
Limited company

Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it seems. Here's what you need to know about share value and capital when setting up a limited company.

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Limited company

A limited company director must keep company records, as well as financial and accounting records. You must keep these records for six years.

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October 16, 2021

Crunch have been exceptional over the years that I have been with them. When I started my Ltd company it was with Crunch, I made the mistake of moving away to another accountant but ended up coming back to Crunch. The accessibility and ease of use of the platform are big benefits. Additionally the team are exceptional and always happy to guide you through the process


Irina Ashdown

October 12, 2021

Genuinely helpful and professional people! So so happy I signed up with crunch. As a first time entrepreneur I have a lot of things to worry about and accounting has been taken off my shoulders completely. I get answers and guidance on literally everything. I did consider doing accounting by myself at the beginning but so glad that I didn’t because there are so many things to consider even if you are just a contractor with one employee. I am sure I would have missed things and would be losing money. Crunch continuously review to make sure my finances are managed in the most efficient way. Also I get response within 20 minutes which is very quick. So worth the money! Thanks crunch


Raul Ferreira

October 5, 2021

Great service. The software is really easy to use and complete. The customer support provides useful help in a timely fashion.


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